Bruce Arians isn’t afraid to criticize Tom Brady publicly

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick rarely if ever criticizes his players publicly. Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians has shown time and again that he won’t shy away from doing so.

On Sunday, Arians wasn’t bashful when assessing the two interceptions thrown by his new quarterback, Tom Brady.

“One was a miscommunication between he and Mike [Evans],” Arians told reporters after the loss to New Orleans. “He thought Mike was going down the middle — it was a different coverage — Mike read it right. He should have been across his face, but Tom overthrew it. The other one was a screen pass with an outlet called. He threw the outlet and it was a pick-six. Bad decision.”

Arians often tried last year to blame plenty of Jameis Winston‘s umpteen interceptions on someone other than Winston. For the first two thrown by Brady, Arians put the bulk of the blame on the man who made the read and threw the ball.

Brady presumably can take it. The reality is that, for most of the first 20 years of his NFL career, he didn’t have to. Say what you will about Belichick, he doesn’t throw players under the bus before reporters, even when they deserve to be.

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  1. The pick 6 was crazy-ugly on the replay. No idea how Brady missed seeing the d-back. It was like he threw it without even looking.

  2. even as a DIEHARD Patriots fan, this is one thing that worries me. We have heard all the rubbish about Tommy being blasted by Belichick in team meetings. However, every player in foxborough has been cussed out. On the 2016 patriots America’s team show, Hightower mentioned how playing for Saban and then his best friend Belichick is HELL, but WE WIN.

    Belichick chastises people in private. Arians does it in public. If Tommy seriously got sick of Bill cussing him out in front of the team or in private, how is he going to approach Arians doing it in front of the media, like he did to Carson Palmer

    belichick “We have to coach and play better..ALL OF US.” even if tom screwed up..ALL OF US need to do something better.

  3. This is not gonna end good. I can’t wait for brady to start throwing his little temper tandrums like a spoiled kid

  4. He did the same thing to Carson Palmer. The first 8 games or so together this is what Palmer did. Showed flashes of brilliance then a boneheaded mistake or terrible sack. The next season is when it all came together. It’s going to take several games to get rolling so the back half of the season you don’t want to play this team.

  5. is Brady an upgrade over Winston? Brady currently on track for 32 picks this year, two more than Winston last season.

  6. Tom Brady is a great quarterback. However-he is 43-and is even slower-than he was in his prime. He gets the ball of quickly for sure-but other than that he’s a statue in the backfield.

    He’s not going to help an offensive line by being mobile. Just the way it is.

  7. Tom Brady joins elite company. According to Pro Football Reference, Brady joined quarterbacks Matt Schaub and Blaine Gabbert as the only quarterbacks in NFL history to throw a pick six in three consecutive games. Schaub and Garrett both threw pick 6’s in 3 consecutive games in the 2013 season.

    Brady had a pick six against the Tennessee Titans during their playoff matchup in the 2019 season, which was returned by Logan Ryan. He had another against the Miami Dolphins in Week 17 2019 season, which was returned by Eric Rowe. And now in 2020 season opener against the New Orleans Saints with the Janoris Jenkins pick 6 interception.

  8. If Brady is smart, and I believe he is, he’ll just use this as motivation and nothing more. He did have a bad game and he knows it.

  9. Arians is an overrated, lazy coach who runs a lackadaisical team. Blaming players only covers up coaching faults.

    I can’t wait for Brady to criticize Arians.

  10. Welcome to the NFC South where hard nose football is played. This is not the AFC East where teams lie down for the almighty Brady. He was close to whining yesterday. It will be a long season.

  11. Hey Tommy, playing in the NFC South isn’t like playing Miami, the JETS, and Buffalo, is it?

    Father time is undefeated.

  12. We listened to Arians all off season. Blah Blah Blah. Brady was the answer, the team is on the right track, we are going to surprise a lot of people, our practices are really crisp and right on. Blah, Blah, Blah. I always said that Bruce loved the mic and it’s best to just tune him out. Well after yesterdays performance, things haven’t changed. I can’t believe I’m typing this but maybe it’s time to bring back the goofy cap Bruce.

  13. So I think I figured out the equation. When Brady wins, the coach gets the credit. When Brady loses, it’s all Brady’s fault.

    Got it.

    Belichick had a great fourth quarter beating the Seahawks in SB XLIX.
    Belichick was out of this world coming back to beat Falcons from 28-3 in SB XLI
    Belichick was even better throwing for 500 yards against the Eagles with stitches in his throwing hand in SB XLII; BB’s real accomplishment was allowing Eagles to score 41 points (he does deserve credit for that one cause he benched Malcolm).
    And all those clutch passes in the Championship game against the Chiefs was classic Belichick and winning SB XLIII too.

  14. Arians needs to take some blame for the running backs. They let McCoy get way too many snaps just because hes the “Scat Back” and Brady was running the 2 minute drill. Ronald Jones was having a decent game, Fournette is on another level talentwise. McCoy did not make a single positive play, he got abused as a blocker and could not get open as the dump off option.

  15. Warnings were out…Brady and Arians are both primadonnas and this move by Arians will backfire.

    BB has never, ever thrown a player under the bus like this. Ever.


    Brady severely miscalculated what made him. It was BB the GM
    and Coach and the environment.

    Brady worked hard to become the GOAT, sure, but he had a lot of help in this tough Cap Era along the way.

    Warnings were out.

  16. He will be when he starts getting miffed about it… Brady did not look good at all and another pick 6 on a ball that just floated out there with nothing on it.

  17. I doubt Brady will be particularly bothered by what Arians says for the press, but I do think Belichick’s approach is much better.

    Whatever you say to the press becomes a story. Look what’s happening here: loads of stories about Arians blaming Brady and what that means for their relationship and the team. Belichick doesn’t think anything good comes out of that dynamic, so he doesn’t feed into it. I don’t think Arians has the brains or self-discipline to understand the point and carry through on it with his press dealings.

  18. They will get things right. Brady doesn’t know these players or this offense well.

    How is McCoy still in the league? Nothing worse than a HC who wants to placate an aging veteran with rapidly diminishing skill sets. Let RJ and FourNette eat. McCoy can waive a towel from the owners box

  19. Pats fans do sure make me laugh sometimes. All we heard for years through all the SB’s were Brady is the GOAT! The GOAT this, the GOAT that. He goes elsewhere to finish his career, and they all sure get on his case big time. The criticisms flow now. Never heard any of those criticisms when they winning, but it’s a different story now. Regardless of the reason(s) for his leaving NE, you would think they would at least have a little more appreciation for what he did for them for years. Just makes me SMH.

  20. Joe Namath ended his career with the Rams…should have just retired. Tom Brady will end his career with the Bucs…should have just retired.

  21. Silly straw man. Just because he had an incredible career and won a bunch of Superbowls doesn’t mean his final season.
    Could be the mileage.

    I look at the Pats defense, special teams and time of possession, as well as turnover battle. The coaches and players usually put him in a position to succeed, and reliably he did so.

    Last year second half of season he looked really done.

  22. This is why the best coaches keep their personnel criticism in-house.

    Arians is a talented man, but his ego is so huge, he just can’t filter what he says and thus he burns a lot of bridges – despite his talent.

    A few more games like this and Arians will retire for his “health” again.

  23. Arians must have been watching a different game than me. Undisciplined team kept making mistakes, many of which were at inopportune times. Poor execution and a poor gameplan.

    Missed field goal.

    Fumbled kickoff.

    Dumb penalties (one lead to fumbled kickoff).

    Offensive line play weak.

    Defense didn’t force any turnovers.

    Pass heavy offense.

    Plenty of mea culpas to go around, including one due from Arians.

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