Four more games will have fans in Week Two

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The first week of the NFL’s regular season offered just a glimpse of fans in the stands, but those numbers will grow this week.

The Chiefs and Jaguars were the only two teams to sell tickets for Week One games, with the Chiefs announcing an attendance of 15,895 and the Jaguars 14,100. Coincidentally, both won their home games, though the league has insisted there’s no competitive advantage to having customers in the building.

In Week Two, the Browns will be allowed to have up to 6,000 fans in the stands against the Bengals, the Colts will host 2,500 for their game against the Vikings, the Dolphins will have up to 13,000 for their game against the Bills, and the Cowboys will have an unspecified number for their home opener against the Falcons.

The Broncos are going to have up to 500 friends and family of the organization at tonight’s game against the Titans, and will be allowed up to 5,700 for their Week Three game against the Buccaneers.

The league has walked carefully through the COVID-19 minefield, with daily testing of players and staff allowing them to proceed. Whether bringing together groups of people (even with masks and distancing) can be as safe remains to be seen.

10 responses to “Four more games will have fans in Week Two

  1. How about those ratings? And yesterday they were down with the biggest ratings grab in the nfl: the Cowboys

  2. How about use a straight percentage of the capacity crowd as a guide. It seems 20% for starters would be ideal as both a safety measure and enough to provide a small amount of home field advantage. 2,500 fans in Indy won’t be noticed. Meanwhile, 3 hrs up the road ND Stadium hosted 20k last Sat. This makes no sense to me…..

  3. What works out is the 14,000 fans in Jacksonville were ALL of their season ticket holders anyway!

  4. The way the fan base is continually being lectured by players before the game, announcers and commercials during the game maybe they should continue no fans after all they were booed in KC.

  5. Why not fill each stadium to capacity with voluntary anti-maskers? They’ve already pushed this crisis out six additional months, what’s another year?

  6. Let’s Hypothetically say that COVID is cured tomorrow….How many people are willing to risk their life by going to Downtown Minneapolis for a Football Game?

  7. Come on packer dudes, we look silly constantly talking about the Vikings, let’s move on to week two and quit being obsessed. See you cool dudes at Applebee’s on Sunday! Yahoo packers!!! #brewersrock!

  8. Imitation is still the sincerest form of flattery. If you can beat ‘em, join ‘em. When you consider the protection anonymity gives you on this site, it’s a cowards tool. Pretending to be something you’re not confirms the Packers must be very special, or why bother.

  9. Doubling down on being a pretender tells us so much more about the pretender than it does about the people he’s trying to mock.

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