Kyle Shanahan: Jimmy Garoppolo has to play better

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The 49ers saw their chances of winning Super Bowl LIV go up in smoke in the fourth quarter as the Chiefs Offense caught fire while their own sputtered to the finish line.

Sunday’s game against the Cardinals wasn’t a carbon copy of what happened in Miami, but it was an uncomfortable reminder of that loss. The Cardinals rallied for two touchdowns in the final 15 minutes of a 24-20 win that leaves the defending NFC champs with an 0-1 record.

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo came under fire after the Super Bowl and went 19-of-33 for 259 yards during Sunday’s loss, including a pair of incompletions that ended their final offensive possession. They only converted two of their 11 third down opportunities and head coach Kyle Shanahan said after the game that the quarterback is at the top of the list of players who have to do better in the weeks to come.

“He had some good plays in there, but just like the entire offense, just missed a number of opportunities that it was going to take to win that game,” Shanahan said. “We had a couple there. He’s got to play better. We’ve all got to play better on offense especially. It starts with me.”

Wide receivers Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk did not play and Richie James left during the proceedings. Tight end George Kittle also got banged up, but the 49ers needed more from their offense regardless of the circumstances.

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  1. The Cardinals always play the 49ers tough, really tough. It’s a long season and the first 3 or 4 games are really just preseason for all the teams to work out the kinks and everyone to be on the same page. I expect to see cleaner football games down the line.

  2. Garoppolo did not finish the game well but the 49ers would not have reached the Super Bowl last year without him. He played far better last year than most understand and threw for nearly 4,000 yards despite the team’s exceptional running game.

    Last year was Garoppolo’s first full year as a starter AND he was returning after tearing his ACL. It is way too early to give up on him and I expect he will continue to improve each season. If so he will prove to be a bargain in both his trade cost and salary. Remember, the collapse in the Super Bowl was just as much or more on the defense than on him and the same was true yesterday. The defense committed some idiotic personal fouls and even their outstanding pass rush was AWOL too (I hope that is not an indication that Buckner was even more valuable than we knew?).

  3. “Remember, the collapse in the Super Bowl was just as much or more on the defense than on him”

    The collapse in the Super Bowl was neither his nor the defense’s fault. It was 100% on Kyle Shanahan. If they run the ball they likely win the game. Instead, Kyle made the same mistake he did when he was OC with the Falcons blowing that huge lead to the Patriots. Not as dramatic, obviously, but the EXACT same error in deciding to abandon the run and exclusively pass.

  4. Garoppolo is just a game manager. Where was their “All World” defense at when they needed it in the SB or even in their home opener? Niners are vastly overrated and in the NFCW basement where they probably belong. Last season was a fluke.

  5. Overreaction as usual. No training camps no preseason, this Covid season has a huge asterisk by it already. Teams are not there yet as far as offensive continuity and rhythm. Yes Garappolo needs to play better, but you have to give him a bit of a pass on the first couple games. Niners looked out of sorts in every position, but taking everything into consideration I think that’s normal right now. Seattle or any other team didn’t look like world beaters yestetday, so just calm down Niner fans. Deebo will be back and Aiyuk could be a real Gem. Let’s wait and see.

  6. It’s funny but no one talked about Donte Johnson – the journey man drafted by the 49ers, rotated through 4 teams, now ended up on the active roster. Johnson gave the TD + momentum back to the Cardinals after what would be a blowout.

  7. Yawn. 49ers win this if refs don’t bail out the Cards with constant fake roughing the passer penalties. Why even play the game.

  8. ninersolid says:
    Overreaction as usual. No training camps no preseason, this Covid season has a huge asterisk by it already. . . . you have to give him a bit of a pass on the first couple games.

    Except that NOBODY had training camp or preseason, yet more than a few quarterbacks played very well yesterday — including the kid on the other side of the field, and he’s started fewer games than Jimmy G.
    Garoppolo had three quarters to warm up and still played worse in the fourth quarter, just like he did in the Super Bowl. I don’t know that he deserves all that big a “pass.”

  9. I wouldn’t say kyler Murray played very well. Sliding all over the field and getting 2 very tacky roughing calls on 3rd down isn’t playing very well. He made some decent throws, but not in the ” played very well”category. If he played very well he would have broke that game open. Like I said Jimmy will rebound not that worried.

  10. I know Jimmy wasn’t great, but has anyone else noticed that the defense has continually given up long 4th Quarter TD drives with the game on the line since about the 2/3 mark of last season?

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