Mike McCarthy on OPI: It made me sick when I watched the TV copy


Would officials have called Michael Gallup for offensive pass interference if it wasn’t Jalen Ramsey covering him? Maybe. Maybe not.

But Ramsey sold the penalty.

The Rams cornerback defended it in his postgame comments and on Monday on Instagram: “You can’t do this in football people. Great call. Rams 1-0. Don’t be so mad. LOL.”

Even though referee Tony Corrente said it was “clear and obvious on the field,” on TV and in the film room, the call that essentially ended the Cowboys’ comeback chance looked questionable.

“It made me sick when I watched the TV copy,” Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said Monday, via Jon Machota of TheAthletic.com. “I thought Michael ran an excellent route. The DB attempted to clamp his arm, (Gallup) pulls his arm out and makes a catch.

“So, it’s definitely a call you’d like to see not happen, and I know everybody wants to talk about the time of the game and the way the game was called to that point. But at the end of the day, it was an excellent route and throw and completion by Michael Gallup from Dak.”

Instead of a 47-yard catch for Gallup to the Los Angeles 19 with 21 seconds remaining in a three-point game, officials assessed a 10-yard penalty against the Cowboys for offensive pass interference. The Rams applauded the call. The Cowboys questioned it. The officials defended it.

28 responses to “Mike McCarthy on OPI: It made me sick when I watched the TV copy

  1. I’m an Eagles fan. That was a bad call. It’s actually more disturbing to me that I would rather disagree with Jalen Ramsey than the Cowboys head coach.

  2. I was rooting for the Cowboys, but that was a clear penalty. The WR pushed off. It was blatant. Coaches that blame the refs, even when the ref was right are pathetic.

  3. It was clear OPI. Ramsey had him completely covered, running with Gallop stride for stride, then Gallop extends his arm, and there’s two yards of separation.

  4. Weird bet for Ramsey. He had him blanketed. He should’ve just defended the pass instead of taking a chance that the OPI would get called.

  5. Pretty obvious that officials across the league have been socially distancing from the rule book. The inconsistency from crew to crew is staggering. This (not kneeling or anything else) is what is driving me to watch only my team’s games — I used to watch as many games as the Ticket would offer. No mas.

  6. Maybe if they just kicked the FG, he wouldn’t had to have worried about a desperation drive at the end of the game? Also, that call makes up for the non-call of Aldon Smith smacking Goff’s helmet sideways

  7. Well I’ve heard a lot of Cowboys fans were sick to see you try and then blow that 4th down attempt and not go for the FG to tie the game, Mike.

  8. The problem, as always, is consistency. I watched 3 games Sunday, and this same call could have been made half a dozen times or more in every game, but wasn’t. I watched DB’s pull receiver’s inside hand down before the ball got to him over and over again with no call. Why this call in this game? If you’re going to let them bang around on each other for the whole game, don’t call it tight at the end.

  9. Ramsey reminded me of Chris Paul– throwing his head back like that. He learned that in Hollywood. Nice acting. Smart play. He sold it.

  10. Well, I’m an eagles fan and i say that was the correct call. The thing is, there was no need for Gallup to push off. Gallup had Ramsey beat and was positioned out in front of Ramsey with his body between Ramsey and the ball. Just like kittle in the super bowl. Had his man beat with no need to extend and push off but they do it anyway. Evan engram also did that in tonight’s game and was also called for offensive PI and his catch was taken away. So there’s 3 instances that were all called the same exact way. Im sure dallas and their fans didn’t like the call, but that’s how that is going to be called when the wr extends his arm like that.

  11. charliecharger says:

    September 14, 2020 at 11:37 pm

    I was rooting for the Cowboys, but that was a clear penalty. The WR pushed off. It was blatant. Coaches that blame the refs, even when the ref was right are pathetic.

    I’ve seen your opinions here, such as David Falk being clearly a franchise qb lol and this was semi recent not like he was in college. If you say clear penalty well I hate the cowboys but I’m gonna say it wasnt.

  12. I’m just glad Dallas lost. When my team loses, and Dallas loses, it makes my Sundays a little less bitter.

  13. McCarthy has no business whining. He’s been the beneficiary of biased reffing for a decade — countless missed pass interference and OL holding — while coaching the Peckers.


  14. This was the first time I got to see Ramsey play. He either had a bad night or cornerbacks just aren’t as good as they used to be. He’s no island.

  15. To me, the worse call was going for it on 4th and 3 when you were in range to tie the game with a FG. Game would have gone to overtime.

  16. The Goff INT that led to Cowboy points was so clearly a blow to the head it knocked Goffs helmet sideways. Refs are human, this stuff ends up even at the end of the day.

    Unfortunately for the Rams, like the Saints game the Rams always seem to get away with the LAST CALL LOL

  17. Seems similar to the call in the Super Ball. 49ers complained about it, but the officials say arm extension = OPI.

  18. “And this year’s Oscar for overacting to draw a penalty in an NFL game goes to… Jalen Ramsey!”

  19. Typical arm fighting that happens on every route. Ramsey was trying to keep Gallups arm from being available to catch, and Gallup was trying to free his arm. Should not have been flagged. At some point you have to let guys play ball, and in this case it seemed like the level of interference was fairly equal.

  20. It was clearly OPI. The only honest objection would be that it is rarely called in that situation.

  21. Please watch close, did Gallup push off the chest of Ramsey in any way to gain a little space. The answer is yes however little it was he did gain space with a push. That is OPI. Did he need to push off, probably not.

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