Mike McCarthy surprised by OPI call on Michael Gallup

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Sunday night’s game between the Rams and Cowboys remained undecided into the final minutes of the fourth quarter and it appeared Dallas might at least extend the game to overtime when Dak Prescott hit Michael Gallup for a big gain in the final minute.

Gallup picked up 47 yards to put the Cowboys in field goal position, but the play did not stand because Gallup was flagged for offensive pass interference after making contact with Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey. Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy did not expect a flag at that moment.

“I was surprised there was a call either way,” McCarthy said, via Todd Archer of ESPN.com. “Obviously I’m very disappointed in the call, especially that late. You don’t see that at a critical part of the game.”

Referee Tony Corrente said, via a pool reporter, that Gallup used “a full arm extension that created separation” and that it was an infraction that would be called in “all situations.” That worked against the Cowboys on Sunday night, although it is far from the only reason why the team is 0-1.

12 responses to “Mike McCarthy surprised by OPI call on Michael Gallup

  1. As neither a fan of the Cowboys or Rams, it was clear OPI and was worse live than it was in slow motion.

  2. His arm never fully extended and even at the the ‘most’ extended his arm was, his hand was upside down with just his fingers touching Ramsey’s chest. No way in hell is that OPI.

    That said, the Cowboys didn’t play like they deserved to win the game prior to that point anyway. It looked like more of the same from the Cowboys. Inaccurate passes from Dak, a soft defense that either can’t or won’t wrap up and a lack of RPO’s with a mobile quarterback.

    A whole game without an RPO (maybe I missed one). I’m OK with the 4th down call, rookie mistake by Lamb, oh well.

    I love Dak as a human being, and he’s an OK quarterback but I’m glad we didn’t pay him. I don’t know what the path forward is after this year, but I’m OK if he leaves. Dalton could’ve lost that game in the same damn way and for 30million+ cheaper.

  3. I thought it was a close call, not sure I would have made it. But Dallas benefited from a bad non-call on the blow to Goff’s face that resulted in a turnover in Rams territory. So it kind of breaks even.

  4. It was pretty obvious OPI. Gallup kept Ramsey back for over ten yards, but for most of that time his arm was bent. That’s ok. But just as the ball was arriving, Gallup made a final push that extended his arm. The official got a good look at it.

    Can’t blame Gallup for trying though. Usually that call isn’t made–although it should be.

  5. What about Aldon Smith’s hit to the helmet of Jared Goff that went uncalled that lead to an interception on the play? That was pretty clear and obvious, but they didn’t call for a blow to the qb’s helmet on that play, so Cowboys got a break on that. Just face it, Tony Corrente isn’t on the top of his game and just needs to retire.

  6. Ramsey and Gallup were arm checking the entire time, but at the last minute Gallup absolutely extended and thereby created extra space. Could he have still made the catch if he hadn’t, not so sure as Ramsey was engaged in really tight coverage. That is why they have OPI as a rule, the receiver pushed off and created an unfair advantage.

    To those who are saying other WRs (especailly those with better name recognition) get away with it, well they shouldn’t and that doesn’t justify a non-call . . . it means the refs need to be more consistent.

  7. Debating what is and what isn’t pass interference isn’t that much fun.

    If that’s OPI, call it that way all season.

  8. I thought the call could have gone either way but the last thing a head coach should be discussing is a penalty. There were numerous points in the game where the Cowboys own effort was questionable so why question a call after the game is over?

    Cowboys fans get used to the way McCarthy gets out coached on a consistent basis, he is as overrated and he is overweight.

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