Mitchell Trubisky still believes in himself, and others do too

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Mitchell Trubisky knows what you were thinking. He had to fight thinking it himself.

But the Bears quarterback surprised everyone with yesterday’s comeback to lead the Bears to a 27-23 win over the Lions, a gratifying win for him after the offseason he had and his own ugly start to the game.

You can’t go back to that dark place,” Trubisky told Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America. “You can’t go back to, My stats aren’t any good. It’s happening again. At times like that, I find myself focusing on my teammates, the guys you grind with. Our relationships run deep. We lean on each other. And I think you’ve just got to believe in yourself, believe you can do it, there’s still time.”

That faith has been tested, because there was very little evidence this offseason it was shared by many.

The Bears didn’t pick up the fifth-year option for the former second-overall pick. then they traded for Nick Foles, picking up a big contract in the process. Then there was a competition, which it was reasonable to assume Trubisky might not win.

And even with the Bears falling into a 23-6 hole, he didn’t waver, having been bolstered by those around him. He talked about the way coach Matt Nagy had expressed his belief, and how Foles had become a trusted friend and mentor through the process.

“It’s crazy,” Trubisky said. “I do catch a lot of crap. But like coach says, you’ve got to enjoy the wins in the NFL, and I’m going to. This was a special day. I’m thankful for what I have in life, especially now, with COVID-19 and social injustice everywhere. I’m really grateful just to be playing football right now.

“The game’s made me a better man, a better person. It’s made me tougher. It’s why I never gave up today.”

The number of hurdles he had to overcome to reach this point was significant, and many of them were self-inflicted. But for a day at least, Trubisky cleared them, and was able to smile and keep moving.

10 responses to “Mitchell Trubisky still believes in himself, and others do too

  1. Let’s chalk up the 1st half to no pre-season games, I guess. Trubisky blew throw after throw and I was begging for Foles in the 2nd half. Apparently something woke Trubisky up in the 2nd half and he realized he was playing Detroit — really the only team he owns for whatever reason. I am not going to take away his great 2nd half, but if Smith hadn’t had dropped Stafford’s lazer in the endzone, Detroit had this. The loss would have been pinned on the dreadful first half by Trubisky and multiple wasted opportunities. If the Bears played a 16 game season against Detroit every week, I might get excited. But they don’t and Trubisky is still Trubisky until he isn’t. Never going to get over Mahomes not being in Chicago. I guess a city only gets one crack at a superstar that others pass over (Jordan) in a generation. 1-0 is still 1-0. Let’s see how week 2 goes.

  2. A vital trait in real life is to admit when you were dead wrong and I was in claiming it was more of the old Trubisky after the 1st half yesterday. (although the change came in the 4th quarter against the flea-bitten Lions) Trubisky came through in the clutch. Let’s see what happens next Sunday against the Giants. Made my last minute NFL game ticket purchase well worth it.

  3. Playing the Lions helps cure self-confidence issues.

    Mitch and the Bears recover… the Lions implode and can’t sustain.

    In other words… same Lions season to be regurgitated.

  4. The Lions wore their butler uniforms and were serving up the game on a silver platter. They pulled out How To Lose A Game for Dummies and followed it perfectly. This Bears team looks terrible. Itchy Mitchy looks like the terrible QB that we saw from Year 1 to Year 3. He is still inaccurate. Save for man-to-man, he still cannot read defenses. And he still has moments where he stares down number 12 instead of going through progressions. With no corners, the Itchy one should have shredded the Lions. Mack has a sore knee but still got double-teamed. That should have freed up another defensive player. Where were the other D linemen? Why did they not blitz more often? Stafford sat in the pocket and stroked the football like Dr. Evil’s cat.

  5. I hate to say this but are only the fair weathered Bears fans posting here? Mitch played a great game. It’s not about how you start. It’s about how you finish and the win that matters.

  6. This Mahomes argument is so stupid. If teams could go back in time to that draft the bears would have been offered everything possible for teams to trade up to pick Mahomes. Problem is NOONE tried to because at the time, all the scouting reports had him as a round 2-3 draft pick. So saying the bears should have mysteriously taken a 2nd or 3rd round graded QB at #2 just makes you sound dumb.

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