Vikings defense reeling after “ugly” start

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Vikings coach Mike Zimmer stood on his record during training camp, expressing confidence despite their renovations that “I’ve never had a bad defense.”

The early results weren’t promising, after Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers strafed his rebuilt secondary, and the Vikings allowed 43 points in a dispiriting loss.

“Luckily we had one goal-line stand,” Zimmer joked, via Chip Scoggins of the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Otherwise it would have been really ugly. . . .

“There’s a lot of football left to be played, but we got to get better quick.”

Zimmer knows better than anyone how unattractive it actually was, but still had to be caught off guard by the degree.

The Vikings had a brand new group of cornerbacks, and Rodgers went to work on them early. Coupled with the absence of star pass-rusher Danielle Hunter and no impact from recent trade acquisition Yannick Ngakoue, and the Vikings looked nothing like those great defenses they’ve had in the past.

“That’s not what we’re used to here,” safety Harrison Smith said. “It’s not what we’re about here. We’ve got to do everything we can to move on from this and improve drastically from 43.”

The collapse was dramatic and complete, as Rodgers even coaxed the Vikings into jumping offsides three times (in their home stadium). Those kind of drive-extenders explained the ridiculous time of possession advantage (41:16 to 18:44)) for the Packers, who rolled up 522 yards on 76 plays.

“We just kept allowing them to drain us,” Smith said. “That’s what happens when you’re on the field for [41 minutes]. You’re not going to win a lot of games that way.”

They didn’t, and they might not, unless they start playing defense they way they’re accustomed to.

28 responses to “Vikings defense reeling after “ugly” start

  1. The Vikings were dominated by a superior team.

    Right now most of their fans are sitting at home scratching their heads and trying to think of creative ways to blame this one on the officials without looking even more clueless than they usually do.

  2. Their offense was pedestrian too. The close score doesn’t tell the story. Nearly all their points were the desperation garbage variety. Their first possession drive was impressive, but the Packers adjusted and controlled everything from that point forward.

  3. I mean. Let’s be real. Part of the reason they were on the field for 41 minutes was because right after the goal line stand Kirk takes a safety. Right after a TD, Kirk throws a pick. Our offense, outside of the first drive, looked horrific. They couldn’t get a first down to give the defense a break. (very similar to the 49ers playoff game last year) But hey. Boxscore Kirk put it together in garbage time. His favorite time of the game!

  4. The Vikings defense has a history of not showing up when it counts most. That game was huge yesterday since it was against their #1 rival in their own stadium.
    Two things are clear. The Vikings missed Stefon Diggs a great deal and the Packers are being under-estimated.

  5. The NFL is a passing league so you have to wonder what the future holds for this Viking’s D? Zimmer is used to having top 10 defenses so 2020 looks to be a departure from his master plan. There is no way Cousins and the Viking’s offense can be asked to score 30 plus in every game just to win. The Vikings aren’t built that way so this looks to be a cluster… from here on in.

  6. I know the outcome of this game as soon as I saw Cousins take the safety early in the game….. Oh heck, I knew the outcome when I first read the schedule….

  7. It’s got to be deflating as the home team to lose what is normally one of the loudest home crowds in the world. The first downs and the TD pass that all were from being drawn offsides, were the kiss of death.

  8. “Luckily we had one goal-line stand,” Zimmer joked… Keep on laughing Coach Zimmer, but I think after that your coaching seat is on simmer, and will be getting warmer!

  9. gopackgocausecowboysblow says:
    September 14, 2020 at 9:50 am
    “Luckily we had one goal-line stand,” Zimmer joked… Keep on laughing Coach Zimmer, but I think after that your coaching seat is on simmer, and will be getting warmer!


    He not going anywhere soon, so simmer down and enjoy your win there skippy

  10. johnnycantread says:

    September 14, 2020 at 10:24 am

    Playing Indy next, so it’ll get better.


    Are you sure about that? You mean the Colts with the best offensive line in the league? They will probably stuff the ball down the Vikings throats, especially coming off a loss to Jacksonville.

  11. danicafallsinlove says:
    He not going anywhere soon . . .

    I would imagine most Packers hope you’re right.

  12. I am not surprised to see the secondary struggle. But it is disappointing nonetheless. The score would have been worse but for some Green Bay drops. But equally concerning the O-line picked up right where they left off last year. Dennison should be fired. Maybe Spielman too. The secondary will get better. This was a tough test against a very good QB and his skill kept the entire defense off balance. But there is no likelihood the O-Line will get any better. This is much more concerning because there is no relief in sight.

  13. The thing is that it wasn’t just the CBs playing poorly, but also the D-line, and not just the pass rush but the lack of contain (particularly on running and pass plays to the right side). The only defenders worth a dang were Smith, Barr and Kendricks. I figured the D-backs would struggle early and that the team would lose to the Pack yesterday, but not play this badly on defense. I can live with the offensive performance, other than the 2nd quarter pick and the 3rd quarter opening drive — I was much more impressed with the Pack offense, which I expected to beat us , but not look that good. I really wasn’t that impressed with the Pack D, other than Alexander and D. Smith, which I expected to be the strength of that team. However, the Pack is better, no doubt, no excuses.

  14. The defensive performance reminded me a lot of the game against the Rams two years ago where the Rams scored on every drive. Yesterday the Vikings had the goal line stand that resulted in a safety and stopped them once on third down when the wide open receiver dropped the ball. They turned things around that year and I hope they can do it again this year, but it’s very discouraging.

  15. We are one week into the season with zero preseason games and all of the “fans” think the sky is falling already. Probably wise to give it a few weeks and see how things shake out. Its not like we were carved up by a middle of the road QB.

  16. Listen don’t panic just yet, if as a Vikings fan you did not expect some growing g pains with all new corners especially with no live action in the way of preseason then you just are be unrealistic. Yes it was a lot of points and yards but these corners will be fine and will play better as theybgain more experience. Aaron was making some pretty precision placed passes which is what makes him so good and HOF, it’s not like the corners were in such bad position , I honestly thought for the most part they were in decent positions on many of the passes. By week 6 I think you will start to see what we actually have and they will turn into a good group but we do need to be able to get pressure on the QB especially with these young corners so relax just relax, we all knew otherwise would be growing pains.

  17. Listen Viking fans, don’t get depressed every year. Stop rooting for the Vikes and join a proven team. America’s Team and Green Bay and winners. Seattle and Kansas City, too. There are plenty of good teams to root for. Even Buffalo won their opening game. Why did you trade Diggs?

  18. chillyball says:
    September 15, 2020 at 9:45 am
    Listen Viking fans, don’t get depressed every year. Stop rooting for the Vikes and join a proven team. America’s Team and Green Bay and winners. Seattle and Kansas City, too. There are plenty of good teams to root for. Even Buffalo won their opening game. Why did you trade Diggs?


    Did you do the samething when the Packrr went 24 years without division title? Or did you become a Packers fan after the 96 season? Bandwagon fans… Half the Packer fan base has never been to Wisconsin let alone could tell a diary cow from a bull.

  19. The Vikings schedule is difficult….the corners are lousy and the the offensive line is garbage.

    I cant believe the Vikings dont address the OL every year. They just try to patch it and it never works. Cousins sucks when he has pressure so until the OL is fixed, guess what? Cousins will suck. Therefore the team will suck.

    Its the same thing year in and year out. Fix the line or get a mobile QB who can keep defenses honest

  20. God, what a bunch of whining babies. It’s the first damn week of the season! If you clowns are going to let the Packer trolls get to you this easily, then send in the jerseys and find another team. And, to be clear, Spielman and Zimmer both have new contracts and the Wilfs aren’t going to eat them…so shut up already about firing them both!! Get a life or get lost.

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