49ers sign Mohamed Sanu

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A day after coach Kyle Shanahan said it could happen, free agent wide receiver Mohamed Sanu has agreed to a deal with the 49ers.

Sanu’s agent announced the agreement on Twitter, saying it’s a one-year contract.

The signing will reunite Sanu with Shanahan, who already knows what kind of player he’s getting because Shanahan was the Falcons’ offensive coordinator during Sanu’s tenure in Atlanta.

Sanu had some good years in Cincinnati and Atlanta but did not play particularly well in New England last year after the Patriots traded a second-round draft pick to get him from the Falcons.

12 responses to “49ers sign Mohamed Sanu

  1. Not worth signing WRs when your QB can’t throw the ball to them anyway.

    Belichek stays winning.

  2. The 9ers of Santa Clara are reeling after that loss. Week one panic is setting in, perhaps last year was a fluke. Garoppolo didn’t look all that great, even if it was week one.

  3. Phew, after a shaky start, the “Revenge Tour” is back on. The only question is why it took so long to sign Sanu. But we know why- because Shanaplan wanted to give Dante Pettis one more chance to prove he’s not an early 2nd-round bust. And now we know- he’s a bust. Refuses to jump for contested catches because he doesn’t want to take a hit- you’re in the wrong sport, friend. I would trade the guy for loose change at this point.

    Garoppolo’s biggest problem on Sunday was his indecision, but I would be indecisive too if my WR targets were Pettis, Bourne, and tiny Trent Taylor. (Bourne is OK for a backup option, though.)

    But come October with Deebo Samuel, Brandon Aiyuk, Kittle, and big slot Sanu? That sounds more like a functioning Shanaplan offense. Faithful might have to show a little patience with the, uh, “Revenge Tour.”

  4. jason6271 says:
    September 15, 2020 at 6:46 pm
    In 5 seasons Carson Wentz has 0 playoff wins 50 fumbles. 15-16 in his last 31 games. 7-20 vs teams over 500. Wentz has no heart no desire to win. His team hates him. He started 5-6 in 3 of his first 4 seasons. Foles is 24-6 with 5 playoff wins in his last 30 games as an eagle.


    Your cowboys lost. Get over it .

  5. ghjjf says:
    September 15, 2020 at 7:41 pm

    If Belichick couldn’t get anything out of him, nobody else will.
    Sanu had 10 catches in his first NE game, then hurt his ankle and never really recovered. If healthy the guy can play.

  6. I’m a Pats fan. Sanu got injured before he could really get going in NE. He just didn’t fit their plans this season and I bet by mid season Niners fans and Jimmy G will be glad he just signed on.

  7. Hes serviceable for the right price but he wasnt worth what the Pat’s would have had to pay him for the year so they cut bait.

  8. The Patriots need WR help just as much as San Francisco…

    And New England cut him…

    He isn’t here enough to help any team, much less the 49ers

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