Baker Mayfield: Connection with Odell Beckham has to come naturally

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Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield and wide receiver Odell Beckham both said this summer that they thought the chemistry between them would be better in their second season together, but Week One didn’t offer much evidence in support of that theory.

Mayfield targeted Beckham 10 times in the loss to the Ravens and Beckham ended the day with three catches for 22 yards. He did draw some penalties, but their missed connections were still a topic of conversation after the game. Head coach Kevin Stefanski said, via, that the team has to “get to the bottom” of why it isn’t working.

Stefanski said he doesn’t think Mayfield is forcing the ball to Beckham and Mayfield said on Tuesday that he’s basing his decisions about where to go with the ball on matchups.

“I think it has to come naturally. . . . I think we had some great 1-on-1 opportunities Sunday . . . just didn’t connect. We’re working on that. We’ll get it fixed,” Mayfield said, via Keith Britton of 92.3 The Fan.

Beckham also spoke to reporters Tuesday and said of Mayfield that it’s “not feasible for me to think about what he may be going through” because he’s never played quarterback. He does think that “more game reps will be the way to go” to get on the same page and they’ll get them quickly with a game on tap against the Bengals Thursday.

70 responses to “Baker Mayfield: Connection with Odell Beckham has to come naturally

  1. theres nothing that will just come naturally. it is either the play calling, or one (or both) of them isnt performing well enough.

  2. “We’ll get it fixed.”

    Famous words – trite – from many former Browns players, coaches and front office personnel. Talk is cheap.

    Same ol’ Browns. I’m glad I committed to prioritizing “anything” over the Browns this year. I watched the last four minutes of the first half and didn’t blink at turning the TV off to play hopscotch with my kids in the wonderful weather outside.

  3. As a Browns fan I will just say, I find what you’re saying hard to believe….because I have been hearing it for 21 years.

  4. Baker Manziel when you say “Connection with Odell Beckham has to come naturally” do you mean year 3?

  5. “I think it has to come naturally. . . .” It’s been a season and still no rapport and that’s what he says. At this point Browns fans the saga for a franchise QB continues.

  6. The Bengals seem like the type of opponent who might kind of hand out some instant chemistry. If not, it may be yet another very long season in Cleveland.

  7. Uh, Baker…
    what Stefanski is referring to, when he says “get to the bottom” is not having OJB help you cover your stadium, I mean, home furniture.
    Maybe you can make a commercial where you throw the ball to him in your “backyard” while he visits your “home”. Boom, problem solved or as you say, “fixed”.

  8. The Browns have exactly one winning coach since they “moved back” to Cleveland in 1999. And they fired him after half a season.

  9. Well if the only issue is “he hasn’t played QB” put him in at QB and Baker at receiver for a day of practice. Walk a mile in his shoes.

  10. Baker Mayfield — over-rated, over-hyped QB.

    O’Dell Beckham — talented receiver who has not delivered up to the hype he has promoted for himself.

    Cleveland Browns — Still a bottom feeder because of their failure to put together a team which is a unit rather than individual pieces.

  11. It’s year two. Baker’s still talking about connecting with OBJ like it’s the second week of their first TC together.

  12. I bet Odell can’t wait to play somewhere else. People keep saying “Tank For Trevor” but the Browns may be playing their way into the Sweepstakes. Mayfield is headed for “Bust” conversation.

  13. People will never know how frustrating it is to root for the Brown. Looks like we’ll still be #1 for the longest playoff drought in the NFL.

  14. As a Browns fan, Sundays game made it clear that OBJ has to be shipped out of town and ASAP. It was obvious that he screamed for the ball and both Stefanski and Baker caved to his demands. Clearly, neither was strong enough to tell him to shut up. Right now, Baker is on the edge of being a bust. He, Stefanski, Van Pelt, and everyone else has to focus on his development NOT on accommodating a spoiled superstar.

    As for Stefanski, if his fake punt early in the game is any indication of his qualifications to be a head coach, he won’t be long for the job either. What an amateurish move. Incredibly, just after one game, this already smells like a wash, rinse, repeat deal where Haslam cleans everyone out by the end of 2021. A top 3-5 draft pick looks more like the future than playoffs anytime soon. Thanks again Jimmy!

    I can’t even imagine the crapstorm that would follow if they lose to the Bengals on Thursday.

  15. You can feel the fans turning on both of them. Right now Baker is a one season good QB (before teams had an off season to study film on him) and OBJ is an average receiver. If both don’t play better, OBJ will be traded and Case Keenum will be starting at QB

  16. Obj needs to go. He has been nothing but hype and a distraction. Baker, who I’ve supported the whole time, better shape up and fast.

  17. OBJ had an easy, key 1st down catch that he dropped. He was clearly looking to make a play before he looked the ball into his hands. He needs to get back to the basics before he comes to close to what he used to be and the Browns need to build more plays around him or let him go.

  18. Bakers problem, other than he sucks andis very inaccurate, is he still thinks he is in college and keeps going for the splash play instead of taking what the D gives him such as check downs or shorter routes to move the chains.

  19. It’s clear now that Eli made OBJ and Lamar Jackson is the only good QB from his draft class. The rest of the QBs from that draft should have been drafted in later rounds.

  20. Problem is Odell has already suffered from “what the Browns do”…a change in management and coaching staff after just “ONE SEASON” in Cleveland. A football player’s career is short and if a player has the talent to be one of the best at their position, they sure don’t want to waste their career on a franchise that is in a constant state of turnover of management and the coaching staff or in a constant state of rebuild. I can understand why Odell might be disappointed about playing in Cleveland.

    Odell had a history when he joined the Browns and IMO, his play on the field reflects his personality and how he feels about playing for the Browns.

    Jimmy Haslam doesn’t want to believe that Odell might not be thrilled about playing for an owner like him…the Browns front office is determined to hold out until they receive what they believe is the best possible deal via trade, in return for an unhappy superstar and in the meantime, the team, locker room and coaching staff suffer the consequences from all the over sized egos in charge of running this Browns franchise.

    The sooner the Browns end this chapter of dysfunction, the better it will be for all involved…jmho

  21. They should absolutely not be forcing the ball to OBJ just to make him not look like a wasted star. Especially when they have a run game that is actually really good and a quarterback who is… not.

    If this team plays to their strengths and doesn’t do stupid things, they can be a winning team. Maybe not against the Ravens. But most of the league isn’t the Ravens.

  22. BOTTOM LINE… The Clowns are still bottom feeders, doubt they could even beat the Jets…

  23. Everyone knows in a comedy duo one guy has to be the deadpan that sets up the clown for the line; when they’re both trying to be the clown it never works.

  24. Mayfield is an Aries–a fire sign. Beckham is a Scorpio–a water sign. Seems fitting.

  25. Without pre-season games, this is not surprising. Maybe we should wait until the third game before we drop them off a cliff?

  26. The last couple years Odell’s stats have been horrific given how much physical talent he has. The whole second half this past weekend was basically garbage time and he still managed just 3 catches for 22 yards. They could get production like that from any undrafted rookie.

  27. You do the commercials after you’ve proven yourself. Mayfield has not. He’s got a good agent, that’s all. He’s what is called “pedestrian.”

  28. Sunday looked more like a second preseason game. Lose to the Bengals and you’re 0 and two with two division losses. It’s 2019 all over again. The back sven on Defense look like line dancers who dress alike.

  29. itsamadmadmadmadworld says:
    September 15, 2020 at 2:58 pm

    Mayfield is an Aries–a fire sign. Beckham is a Scorpio–a water sign. Seems fitting.


    Yeah – they’re about as hot as wet ashes right now.

    Good old “Not My Problem” Beckham.

  30. Until OBJ ego drops this talk will be going on and on depending what kind of stats OBL gets which is his number one concern.

  31. Please Browns, either trade OBJ or deactivate him. He’s a mopey, listless distraction. Baker was way better when he was playing with Perriman and Higgins. What a disaster of a trade, totally destroyed the chemistry and brought along his childish antics and selfishness. I hate this team right now. Just disgusted with Beckham and fed up with him.

  32. Some objective third party needs to remind me who was drafted first? Baker or Lamar? Please remind me. The Factory of Sadness never closes, not even for holidays.

  33. It’s not just Baker, and it’s not just OBJ. Both these guys are overrated, tons of talent who can light it up provided the right circumstances but when the going gets tough. THey’ve failed much more than succeeded.

    Ravens are in another league so let’s see if they can put something together Thursday night, because if they can’t I don’t have any hope. One has got to go, and I’d try to move OBJ this season while you can still grab a high draft pick.

  34. Mayfield’s best chemistry has always been with Hollywood Higgins but pretty much every Browns coach recently, refuses to play the guy. I might have missed it but I think this past Sunday, I didn’t even see Higgins in the game until the 4th quarter?

    IMO this is why we constantly suck. It’s all about chemistry.

    Chemistry is natural and the Browns just can’t seem to figure that out. Always trying to force it with guys that don’t mesh.

  35. Mayfield and I said before the Draft was a 5th round talent and the Browns took him at 1 overall. im not even sure he’s a backup NFL QB let alone a starter

  36. Of all the headlines including these two players, none of the stories seem to be about how they’re dominating the NFL.

  37. there’s just too much talent on this team for this much disfunction. They really need congruentency to ever get over the hump to respectability.

  38. If the Browns wanted to do something halfway intelligent, you call the Saints right now and see if you can still get a #1 for OBJ. Brees isn’t playing much longer and Thomas is down for a while. It’s now or never for them. Some other team will trade for him for the possibility of his talent. The Browns would do better without forcing him the ball.

  39. mortyglickstein says:
    If the Browns wanted to do something halfway intelligent, you call the Saints right now and see if you can still get a #1 for OBJ.

    The Saints burned two No. 1 picks on Marcus Davenport, who so far has been something of a disappointment on the field — when he isn’t injured.
    As much as losing Michael Thomas for a few games will hurt, they’d be insane to trade another top pick for an aging, immature, headcase diva who’s more interested in being a celebrity than dedicating himself to football.

  40. The problem is definitely Baker Mayfield. We know OBJ can play because he’s proved it repeatedly over his career. Mayfield hasn’t done squat in the NFL and is quickly approaching bust status, even with the insane amount of weapons he’s been given. The best option is to trade OBJ to the highest bidder.

  41. dregonspengler says:
    September 15, 2020 at 8:35 pm
    Good point. I wasn’t aware. But you get the gist

  42. I was shocked when the Browns drafted Baker Mayfield, but then I thought it is the Browns. Mayfield was the 1st pick in the draft and Lamar Jackson was #32. So far, who’s having the better career?.

  43. My god, people, enough with the “bust” talk about Mayfield. Remember, he’s on his 3rd HC in his 3rd year. No one thinks this has an impact on his performance? Brady was successful in NE in part because he ran the same offense for 18 years. If he had to relearn a new offense every year it would’ve hindered his development.

    The Browns should ignore OBJ’s cries for attention and focus on the running game. Take the pressure off Mayfield as much as possible. Let him learn the new offense. These things take time. Mayfield would be fine if given the chance. Will Haslam allow Stefanski more than a year or two? Not likely based on past experience.

    A team does not exist in a vacuum. The coaching staff and front office are the backbone. If those groups are never allowed to settle and provide some stability how can the team improve?

    Mayfield is in the worst-case-scenario for a young QB. He’s had NO stability around him in his short career. If he turns out to be a “bust” then it’s the fault of the organization for squandering his talent. Haslam is a disaster – HE is the one responsible for this ongoing mess. He has carried on the tradition of awful ownership from the Lerner family since 1999. HE is the problem, and nothing will change until he’s gone.

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