Derrick Henry picks up where he left off

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Titans running back Derrick Henry was on a tear late last season and into the postseason, and he started this season with another productive performance.

Henry carried 31 times for 116 yards in Monday night’s win over the Broncos. He now has 1,458 rushing yards in his last 10 games.

This impressive run for Henry really began when the Titans replaced struggling quarterback Marcus Mariota with Ryan Tannehill last season. In the 13 games Tannehill and Henry have started together, Henry has a whopping 1,686 rushing yards.

If Henry rushes for 419 yards in his next three games, he’d have more rushing yards over his first 16 games playing with Tannehill than Eric Dickerson’s single-season record of 2,105 yards, set in 1984. Since he started playing with Tannehill, Henry has been hard to stop.

8 responses to “Derrick Henry picks up where he left off

  1. “Picks up where he left off” Very misleading headline

    He ran the ball 31 times. I’d hope he’d hit the 100 yard mark. Didn’t look as good as he did last year. Averaged 3.7 yards a carry. Last year when he ran the ball 30+ times he had 211, 197, and 185 yards.

  2. He’s been head and shoulders the best running back in the league for going on a year now. I am an Lsu fan and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching him every time I’ve tuned in.

  3. As a Titans fan, I must say this game was one of Henry’s worst performances in recent memory; he bore little resemblance to the guy who won the rushing title last year. In this game, he looked almost lethargic, getting only what the O-line gave him and generating very little on his own. Very few broken tackles, very few yards-after-contact, and he was taken down by the first defender virtually every time he touched the ball.

    Hopefully he’s just knocking off the rust after a very strange, awkward offseason. We’ll see what he does next week against a Jags D that he has largely dominated for the past couple years.

  4. Adrian Peterson had 2,180 yards over 16 games across 2012 and 2013 including a playoff game. And he wasn’t that good in those five games in 2013. He had 1,697 yards in the last 11 games of 2012.

  5. Good call z0inks … Henry didnt show a lot of vision but the blocking wasnt great either, Denver did a good job of preventing the cut back …

    On a positive note, Corey Davis had an excellent game and only his third 100 yrd plus game … he needs to complement Brown and make it tough for defences with Humphries catching inside …

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