Joe Judge proud of Daniel Jones, despite two interceptions

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Giants coach Joe Judge came out of Monday night’s opener pleased with quarterback Daniel Jones.

Jones completed 26 of 41 passes for 279 yards, with two touchdowns, two interceptions and three sacks. Judge said the interceptions were disappointing, especially one into the end zone to end a 19-play drive, but he liked what Jones did.

“He had two throws I know he wants back. Down at the goal line, that’s something we can’t have happen,” Judge said. “Look, I’ll talk to Daniel a little bit more about it, I’ll watch the tape and make sure we clean up everything involved. That’s definitely something you can’t have, 19-play drive and come away with no points, especially down there in the low red [zone]. That’s not acceptable, but I’m proud of the way he played aggressive, I’m proud of the way this team stuck together.”

Jones had flashes when he looked like he is developing into a good starting quarterback, but he also had some poor decisions, and the Giants will need to see more before they can be convinced that he’s their quarterback of the future.

10 responses to “Joe Judge proud of Daniel Jones, despite two interceptions

  1. Looks like he didn’t learn anything from Belichick. By the way, I’m an excellent driver except for the two tickets and three accidents I’ve had in the last year. /s

  2. Come on Giant fans, give this kid a break, it’s only the start of his 2nd year, i think he will be a good q.b. for the next 10 seasons. It is very hard to find a decent q.b. yet alone a good one. I don’t think it’s fair to call him a bust, have a little more patience, he shows a lot of potential.

    signed Cowboys fan,

  3. It’s hard to judge the kid behind that line. The first pick was a really smart play by Watt. The second one was ugly. He’s got to learn to take a sack or throw it out of bounds. It also doesn’t help when your elite back is losing yards every time he carries the ball.

  4. With zero help from the run game, the entire offense needed to go through Jones. Lets hope Slayton stays healthy this year because he looks like the only receiver capable of giving the defense trouble, plus we know Engram and Shepard will miss time at some point, and Tate already has.

  5. He makes some good plays and then makes some really, really dumb plays. Like he just turns his brain off.

    There’s a good chance the kid is just a moron and too dumb to read the defense – Trubisky V2.0

  6. So glad people here are still doubting Jones.

    He went up against one of the Top Three Defenses last night and did more then hold his own.

    Yes, they picked him twice, but he also made some really good throws and had a good command of the Offense.

    This may be the best defense he faces all year…

  7. What a reach. The Giants could have gotten him without trading up. He is going to be an AVERAGE NFL QB… That’s it… Anyone that thinks he is going to anything more, is just kidding themselves. Sorry, Giants fans…

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