Report: Saints expect Michael Thomas to miss several weeks

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The Saints got some very bad news on the injury front with wide receiver Michael Thomas today.

Thomas has a high-ankle sprain that is worse than originally believed the team now expects him to miss several weeks, NFL Network reports.

After suffering the injury in Sunday’s win over the Buccaneers, Thomas thought he could play through it. But further medical checks apparently showed the injury is worse than Thomas believed.

Thomas has led the league in catches each of the last two seasons, and there’s no easy way to replace a player of his caliber. The Saints will have their hands full trying to get their offense up to speed without their star wide receiver.

23 responses to “Report: Saints expect Michael Thomas to miss several weeks

  1. Week one is WAY too early to make predictions about the rest of the season. However, Brady being bad overshadowed how the high powered Saints offense looked like it was lacking some voltage.

  2. Garbage time isn’t meant for starters when you are ahead. Only selfish stat padding egotistical people(Brees, Thomas, their HC) do that.

  3. I was wondering why the Saints were taking timeouts when the game was already over. Thats what that egotistical Sean Payton gets for trying to run up the score.

  4. The team is so well rounded that it will hardly matter. They went 5-0 without their HoF QB last year. They absorb this kind of stuff (while other teams blame their losses on it). I’m not even a Saints fan but I can see a team that is well run beyond the sum of its parts.

  5. I got a high ankle sprain 20 years ago that never totally healed. Now obviously I’m no NFL player but this injury could easily be for a majority of the season.

  6. Well who’s gnna run those deep post and 9 routes now? Oh, never mind he doesn’t anyway. Not in his bag. Too slow. More time for Twitter Atleast!

  7. Hopefully it’s early enough in the season so he can fully recover. With how potent their defense is, their great special teams, and various weapons on offense there won’t be a need to rush him back. Now that that’s out the way, that’s what I get for drafting him in the first round over Clyde Edwards-Helaire! Always take the RB!!!!

  8. That’s a killer. High ankle sprains have ruined many great WR seasons. Davante Adams had such a bad season the year he had one, that the following off season and training camp, people were saying he shoul be cut – he followed that up with an excellent year, but the HAS ruined that season.

  9. High ankle sprains can last a season. Hope his is not that bad. I believe this team is talented enough to be successful without one guy. Injuries affect all teams. Depends how deep you are.

  10. He caught 3 passes for 17 yards yesterday and the Saints still put up 34 points and were one blade of grass short from it being 40. Last year, this would have been a problem. Not this time.

  11. Saints struggled badly in the second half and it was likely because of his ankle.

    Saints and Brees in trouble.

  12. touchback6 says:
    September 15, 2020 at 9:19 pm
    Brady will start to pout. Oh wait. Wrong team.


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