Upon further review, Vic Fangio thinks he should’ve called timeout

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Broncos head coach Vic Fangio had two timeouts in his pocket when Monday night’s 16-14 loss to the Titans came to an end, which led to questions at his postgame press conference about why he didn’t use them to give his team more time to try to win the game in the final seconds.

Fangio said they didn’t want to extend the drive so that Tennessee was kicking a shorter field goal while noting that there was no reason to call them after Derrick Henry ran out of bounds and Ryan Tannehill threw an incompletion. Fangio could have called one with 1:27 to play after a 13-yard run by Henry that preceded those plays, however, or after a 4-yard-run on the next snap. Nearly a minute ran off the clock before the Titans used a timeout of their own following the second Henry run.

During a Tuesday appearance on KOA, Fangio revisited his answer from the night before and said he should have stopped the clock after the first Henry run.

“After Henry got that 13 yard play, I should’ve called timeout there . . . I missed that one,” Fangio said.

Fangio won’t get a chance to do that over, but it should serve as a learning experience for the second-year head coach in future games.