Ben Roethlisberger: My arm’s the only thing that doesn’t hurt

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In late August, Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger said that getting hit was going to be a big part of his return to active duty after missing 14 games last season.

The lack of a preseason schedule means that Roethlisberger had to wait until the season opener against the Giants before he had a chance to take a shot. He got that out of the way in a 26-16 win over the Giants and he said on Wednesday that he is still feeling the aftermath of getting hit.

He added that the good news is that his surgically-repaired right elbow is the one part of his body not feeling the effects of the night’s work.

“I was saying today I feel like I was just in a car accident,” Roethlisberger said, via Brooke Pryor of “Yesterday I felt like I was in a trainwreck. Hopefully tomorrow it’ll feel like I just fell off a bike. I’m definitely sore. The good news is my arm is the only thing that doesn’t hurt.”

Roethlisberger threw three touchdowns in Monday night’s win, but said he felt rust early and late in his first outing in nearly a year. With that and taking a hit out of the way, he’ll try for a more polished performance against the Broncos this week.

8 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger: My arm’s the only thing that doesn’t hurt

  1. Maybe Ben needs to stop eating cheeseburgers for every meal and start taking care of his body like TB12

  2. Ben looks to be in great shape, he didn’t get beat up last year, his arm apparently is repaired, he had a wonderful game after being out for a year. Comeback player of the year.

  3. I watched Monday’s game and I thought Ben looked fairly trim. Considering he’s 6-5 and a pretty big fellow, he looked lighter than usual and in good physical condition. That said, he kinda runs like an extremely geriatric Frankenstein’s monster.

    Go Steelers!

  4. We all know Brady’s stats. There is one Ben has that he won’t ever sniff. Only QB to have their QBR rise after contact. We all see what Brady does when he gets hit. Whine and complain. Don’t question Ben’s toughness!! He may be all sorts of things, but he is certainly no pansy. Eat whatever you want

  5. Stat only I care about.

    Ben has been sacked 505 times for third place behind Favre (525) and Elway (516). He seems a sure bet to have that record although Brady is at 503.

    I know, who cares!

  6. Ben was solid. The defense was solid. Special teams needs some work and the run game looked a little better as the game went on but still needs better timing, which is expected to be the case in the first week. It would be great to get DeCastro back in the mix.

  7. Giants are bringing the pain this year. Don’t know about how many wins they’ll achieve but the defense is much improved.

  8. You know the season has officially begun when this diva starts his annual drama queen act. 32 starting QBs in the league, and he’s the only one whining like a nine year old who just got pushed down in the playground.

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