Cam Newton boosts up N’Keal Harry after lost fumble against Dolphins

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New England Patriots wide receiver N'Keal Harry is trying to take a massive leap forward this year after a forgettable rookie season in 2019.

However, a lost fumble that resulted in a touchback in the third quarter of Sunday’s win over the Miami Dolphins left a sour aftertaste upon what had been Harry’s most productive game so far in the NFL. Patriots quarterback Cam Newton was asked about Harry’s fumble and Newton did his best to broaden the focus on Harry’s contribution to the team instead.

Let’s just put a lot of things into perspective here,” Newton said, via Mike Reiss of “Did he have a good game? Yes, he did. I think that one play overshadowed the production he did have. He bailed me out on a play, on a kind of inaccurate pass that he came down with and got the first down. He did pretty good in the run game. He had a couple contested catches. And all that was kind of for naught because a lot of people focused on the fumble.”

Harry never had more than three catches or 29 yards in any of the seven games he appeared in for the Patriots last season. Against the Dolphins on Sunday, Harry caught five passes for 39 yards for an offense that attempted just 19 passes overall in the game.

The Patriots were leading 14-3 late in the third quarter with a first-and-goal at the Miami 10-yard line when Harry caught a drag from Newton and sprinted for the end zone. However, linebacker Jerome Baker caught Harry inside the 5-yard line and wrestled the ball out of his grasp. It went through the end zone for a touchback that kept the Dolphins within reach of New England.

“It was just one mistake,” Newton said. “Him still being a young player trying to come into his own, things like that will happen. You just want it to be minimized as much as possible. But he’s making leaps and strides as everyone would expect him to be. He’s growing up into his best self.”

The mistake ultimately didn’t derail the Patriots as they earned a 21-11 win over the Dolphins last week. However, the margin for error could be significantly less against the Seattle Seahawks this Sunday night.

12 responses to “Cam Newton boosts up N’Keal Harry after lost fumble against Dolphins

  1. Harry fumbled the ball through the end zone, resulting in Miami being awarded the ball at the 20 yard line. When this play goes New England’s way, it’s an outrage, everyone wants the rule changed, and the game to be awarded to the Patriots’ opponent. When the Patriots are on the “wrong” end of this rule, no one cares and it’s just a normal application of the NFL rules.

  2. If that had happened with Brady last year I honestly don’t think he would have come out and supported Harry like that.

  3. The Seattle Pats game looks like a good matchup. Belichick won’t tolerate fumbles from his players. Harry better fix it real quick or he’ll find himself on the bench or on the street. He looks like he can play.

  4. Interesting. So what you’re saying, Mr. Newton, is that a top NFL QB can win a game AND treat young receivers patiently with respectful words of encouragement? Interesting approach for New England.

  5. He will be fine. He will be a strong bodied possession receiver for a long time in this league. The fumble was a result of trying to do just a little too much, with the goal line a mere yard away. I remember Gronk doing the same thing in his rookie year against the Browns. Chalk it up to youthful exuberance.

  6. Agreed….the fumble is being way overblown & I’m sure it will only help Harry in his continued growth as a WR…. the rule is a tough one & if had happened at the 10 yard line instead of the five we wouldn’t even be talking about it as it wouldn’t have gone out thru the end zone & remained Patriots ball….

  7. I actually love this rule – it is the ONLY rule that has remained slanted towards the defense.

    Is it goofy – yes for sure, but with defenders unable to blow-up receivers anymore, passers allowed to throw it away and tacklers having to play “touch” with QBs, this rule stands out as an anachronism and I love it!

  8. Ironic that the player who wouldn’t jump on a fumble in the Super Bowl is boosting up a player who fumbled.

  9. As a Patriots fan it makes me happy to hear Cam say this. Brady is a better pure passer than Newton, but it was obvious last year that he had lost all patience with the young guys, especially Harry. While there’s some NFL caliber talent there, the Patriots’ WR room isn’t going to scare anyone. Despite that, I think Cam is going to get a lot more out of them than Brady did last season. It was great to see Harry involved and making plays, and it’s a relief to know Cam isn’t going to black ball him over one mistake.

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