Emmanuel Sanders: “It just didn’t feel like it was Tom Brady out there”

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The Saints became the first team to face Tom Brady in a uniform other than the one he wore for 20 years. It looked weird to the fans and the media, and it also looked weird to at least one New Orleans player.

“I don’t know, it just didn’t feel like it was Tom Brady out there,” Saints receiver Emmanuel Sanders said on Uninterrupted’s 17 Weeks podcast on SiriusXM/Pandora. “That’s just how I feel. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers, it didn’t feel like Tom Brady was out there, it just felt like it was versus the Buccaneers. And that’s no diss to Tom. That’s just how I felt. It didn’t feel like it was Tom Brady out there. Now, you put Tom Brady in a New England Patriots uniform, that feels more like Tom Brady out there. And I guess it’s an adjustment for the entire world, you know?”

Indeed it is, and it’s not a diss. But here’s the reality: If Tom Brady of the Buccaneers had played more like Tom Brady of the Patriots, it may have felt more like it was Tom Brady out there.

As the Buccaneers host the Panthers this weekend, a second loss for Tampa Bay will definitely make it feel like someone other than Tom Brady playing quarterback for the Buccaneers.

18 responses to “Emmanuel Sanders: “It just didn’t feel like it was Tom Brady out there”

  1. And if Evans read the defense correctly it would have been only one INT. I liked the way BA glossed over that in his second presser. After he actually looked at the tape instead of shooting from the hip, like he always does.

  2. Not sure what everyone was expecting from Brady. New team and everything that goes with it, along no preseason to get live snaps. The Bucs offense probably won’t look right until around week 4.

  3. I would say that was typical Brady from the last 2-3 years. Sometimes looks like Brady of old, sometimes not.

  4. It was not the real Brady. The real Brady wears a Patriots hall of fame Uniform and wins 6 SB. Bucs are all hype. Low seeded playoff team at best loser in first round.

  5. its been 1 freaking game and started on what is probably the hardest of the year for the bucs.

    peyton was 1-2 in his first 3 broncos games with a bunch of interceptions.

  6. I called this the second I knew he was leaving the Patriots. Brady was Brady because of Belichick and no other reason… otherwise he is just another QB. Belichick planned around many of Brady’s weakness’, just like he has done with Newton. Belichick was the mastermind behind the Patriots success. .

  7. keith says:
    its been 1 freaking game

    But it’s not just one game. Teams with Tom Brady as the starting QB have lost THREE straight games — two as home favorites with plenty on the line — and he played mediocre-to-poorly with pick sixes in all three.
    Truth is, he was uneven the last half of last season. He looks less mobile by the day, and is now playing behind an offensive line that pales in comparison with the one in Foxboro.
    Brady will no doubt get more comfortable in Tampa and will win a fair number of games this season, starting this weekend. But anybody that can’t see his noticeable decline either hasn’t been paying attention, or is in denial.

  8. Maybe its because Brady is 43. Brady fought off Father Time for the past couple of yeara but its starting to show that Brady is losing this battle. His arm strength is gone.

  9. @dregonspengler i have no doubt hes diminished, but people proclaiming hes trash and BB now gets all the credit after one game is pretty ridiculous. pats played their easiest game of the season and the bucs their hardest.

  10. Everybody all over Tom but I credit the NO defense and also of course you have to give Tom time to learn what is going on.

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