Aaron Jones still plans on doing the Lambeau Leap even without fans

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Lambeau Field won’t have fans for Sunday’s home opener against the Lions. That won’t keep running back Aaron Jones from doing the Lambeau Leap.

Multiple times, he hopes.

The Packers practiced at Lambeau Field on Friday to get a feel for how the stadium will look and sound during Sunday’s game. The first eight rows of stands are covered with advertisements.

“You’ll definitely still see a Lambeau Leap from me, probably right on one of those tarps,” Jones said after practice on Friday, via Rob Demovsky of ESPN. “Just gotta pick which one, or wherever I score at or the location I’m at it’s gonna be that one. Definitely different seeing it, though, replacing the fans and just the tarp. Definitely not the Lambeau we’re used to.”

Jones tied for the NFL lead with 19 touchdowns last season. Eleven of those came at home.

He opened this season with one touchdown, with 76 yards on 20 touches.

13 responses to “Aaron Jones still plans on doing the Lambeau Leap even without fans

  1. Let us not get overboard. Vikings have new CBs, 2nds string nose tackle, no pass rush. Let us wait until they play nfc south

  2. Aaron Jones proves he’s an idiot & is the only #1 rb from his class without a new deal. Gute is an even bigger imbecile

  3. It will be fun watching Aaron leaping without the crowd spilling their beer and cheese all over him. I expect he’ll leap at a minumum of two times.

  4. Why all the negative comments?? To me, leaping into the stands after a TD remains the ultimate player-fan celebration relationship. So Aaron Jones is still going to do it as kind of a salute to the missing Packer fans. Great guy!!

  5. He is more worried about showboating than anything else. There is a reason he will be out of GB after this year. Ultimate selfish move getting penalties for showing off, bring in the kid from BC that we drafted.

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