Bruce Arians on Leonard Fournette’s role: “If it increases, it increases”

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The Buccaneers added running back Leonard Fournette not long before the start of the season. For the first game of the season, he didn’t do much. Will he do more this week against Carolina?

“He’s only been here about 10 or 12 days, so I thought he did OK with what he had,” coach Bruce Arians said of Fournette’s performance against the Saints. “He’s learning every single word. If [his role] increases, it increases. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. He’s working hard to get some more snaps.”

Fournette participated in only 13 percent of the snaps against the Saints, getting five carries for five yards and one reception (on one target) for 14. Starter Ronald Jones took 47 percent of the snaps, and LeSean McCoy was on the field for 36 percent.

Last year, Fournette rushed for more than 1,100 yards and added more than 500 more catching passes. But it’s always a challenge to learn a new offense, new playbook, new teammates, new coaches, new living arrangements, new everything on the fly.

4 responses to “Bruce Arians on Leonard Fournette’s role: “If it increases, it increases”

  1. If his role increases you’ll be a better team. Fournette’s on another level talentwise than the other 2. And honestly McCoy’s game versus the saints was a disaster. Complete failure as both a blocker and safety valve.

  2. I was buying the TB hype at the beginning of the season. But now I remember that these “dream teams” usually don’t work out that well.

  3. I have no dog in the hunt with regard to the Tampa coach, but this guy seems utterly clueless how to conduct himself as a professional. Just saying.

  4. Someone needs to tell the Head Coach to stop butchering his QB after just one game. It’s safe to say he’s not trying to win the guys over in the locker room. At least wait til you have a losing record going into the bye week before you start throwing your players under the bus.

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