Chicago mayor thinks Bears are unlikely to have fans at Soldier Field this year

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The Bears say they’re optimistic they’ll have fans at Soldier Field before the season is over. The mayor of Chicago is less optimistic.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said there’s a less than 50 percent chance that Soldier Field will be open to fans in 2020.

“We’ve had challenges there. The Bears have to be better partners in a range of different issues, this as well,” Lightfoot said, via Chris Emma of 670 The Score. “We’re willing to absolutely work with the Bears. But they got to talk with us and be willing to cooperate and not just say things in the media. . . . We’re nowhere near at a place where we can even realistically talk about fans coming back to Soldier Field.”

Soldier Field opens for the season on Sunday, and the stands will be empty. Lightfoot thinks the stadium will be empty for seven more games after that.

21 responses to “Chicago mayor thinks Bears are unlikely to have fans at Soldier Field this year

  1. If that’s what it takes, I’m all for it (and yes, I hope Lambeau Field follows the same model).

  2. I think That is absolutely ridiculous. And I’m not even a Bear fan. Feel for the people who live in IL.

  3. She also said, she doesn’t see any fans in any Chicago stadium until DEEP into 2021, and that’s with her assuming a vaccine will be widely available.

  4. LOL, @ these comments. She’s trying to save lives, and all ya’ll care about being able to pack into a stadium for your own entertainment. Hopefully none of you will have to deal with a family member catching covid and it not turning out well, because if you do then you will have a very unfortunate change of heart.

  5. It’s pretty clear that the fans can’t follow mask usage and social distancing. Allowing them into the stadium is just asking for weekly mass infections.

  6. Here come the whiners who don’t understand we are in a pandemic and the country hasn’t particularly dealt with it well EVEN WITH STADIUMS SHUT DOWN.

  7. Geez after reading this .. although this is not going to happen, but if I were The Bears organization I’d do exactly what The old Baltimore Colts did to the city of Baltimore in 1984 . They left in the middle of the night !

  8. Minimal (15-20k) fans with masks and social distanced = not okay.

    Massive (mostly) peaceful protests without social distancing and many without masks = perfectly fine.

    How do you not see the hypocrisy? This is the problem many of us have. It’s not necessarily about filling a stadium. It’s the double standard.

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