Is Jimmy Garoppolo going through his reads too quickly?

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An interesting question arose during 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan’s Friday press conference regarding quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and the speed through which he goes through his progression of eligible receivers. The question was inspired by Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young, who mentioned on radio this week that perhaps Garoppolo is going through his reads too quickly.

So is that happening?

“That’s a very common thing,” Shanahan told reporters. “All the time throughout every game, there’s going to be times where a quarterback either goes too fast through a progression or too slow. Sometimes it’s harder when you’re amped up and everything, so you’re just trying to find that even keeled throughout the game, that balance of being amped up and trying to keep your rhythm of the game. So there was a couple he might’ve been a little too fast on, a couple a little too slow, but that’s pretty normal. That wasn’t everything, but there was a couple he was like that on.”

Despite having a triple-digit passer rating on Sunday, Garoppolo’s first 2020 game did not go well, in part because one on his throws — a screen pass to tight end George Kittle — sailed over Kittle’s head and resulted in Kittle jumping and taking a helmet to the knee.

Garoppolo needs to re-establish himself against the Jets. Although he’s in no danger of being benched, the broader question is whether, after the season, the 49ers will look elsewhere for a starting quarterback and move on from Garoppolo, who will have only $2.8 million in dead money left on his contract after this season and cutting or trading him would create a whopping $24.1 million in cap space.

19 responses to “Is Jimmy Garoppolo going through his reads too quickly?

  1. Garoppolo had a big lead in the super bowl last year, so he must be doing something right. Actually, he must be doing a whole lot right. All the armchair QB’s might just want to take a deep breath.

  2. Missing his center and both starting WRs, lost Kittle as a receiver in the 2nd half. He had a bad game but my God the amount of hate this dude gets is unreal.

  3. I don’t think he’s going anywhere. I also have him ranked as the 3rd best QB in the division too slightly ahead of Goff

  4. “All the armchair QB’s might just want to take a deep breath.”

    Lol so you think Steve Young is an “armchair quarterback”?

    Hilarious. I think Young knows more about QBing than anyone posting here

  5. Jimmy Garoppolo is due $25 million in 2021 and 2022.
    The Bonus is a sunk cost paid a long time ago.

    I think it’s a virtual lock the 49ers keep him.
    At worst he’s OK, above average.

  6. I also wonder if Garoppolo is the best fit for Shanahan. Shanahan’s ideal QB would be an android to unfailingly execute his system, and Jim looked his best in 2017 when he was playing fast and loose with only a minimum of Shanaplan.

    It would be unfortunate if Jim ended up being only slightly above average as a starter, as he’s being paid way too much for that in a hard cap sport. Jim wasn’t just off with his timing against AZ, his accuracy was off too, and his feets were funny. But I’m not going to judge him too much for AZ game, as he only had 1.25 receivers on the field. Bourne is sorta a receiver, and Taylor is half a receiver, and Dante Pettis is the equivalent of taking someone off the street and having him run routes. Although he looks amazing in practice. Dante Pettis, 44th overall pick. His brother acts in soap operas, so that is an option. Dante has an engaging and quirky personality, I wish him well in his future endeavors away from the cruel gridiron.

  7. Maybe his timing is slightly off because he’s playing with a bunch of backups. When he gets his starters back, it still might take a few weeks to get the chemistry down. It was a strange offseason. He was fine in 18.75 games last year – until the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl. No reason to over-analyze.

  8. collectordude says:
    September 18, 2020 at 8:00 pm

    He will never be a championship QB.


    With that kind of omniscience I’d hop on the first plane to Vegas.

  9. This is some serious knit picking you don’t see with other QBs. He’s no superstar star but give him more than one full season Jesus.

  10. It’s AZ and this isn’t the lions sliding into a tie week one. Obviously Jimmy’s gotta play better. SF should shoulda been on their knees pleading on a restructure to nab hopkins. We’ll see how it plays out but that’s a needed win.

  11. Jimmy J has happy feet in the pocket. Once its not clean anymore the ball starts sailing.

    Would any of the team in the NFC West trade their QB for him? The answer would be flat out no. If you don’t believe me just watch Kyle Shanahans play calling for him. He 100 % doesn’t trust him.

  12. daddeeo says:
    September 18, 2020 at 11:35 pm
    Didn’t he take the team to the SB in his first full year> Me thinks he is doing fine


    More accurately, he went along for the ride then lost it for they guys that carried him there. Methinks 9ers fans treat him like a superstar even though he has yet to earn it.

  13. Garoppolo is an enigma. Slightly above average arm, inaccurate on a number of throws, bad footwork, flustered in the pocket, often confused with reads. That’s not a successful set of tools for a Pocket Passer.. Yet he wins. Perhaps it’s too small a sample of games to make a definitive conclusion.. This year should be enough to know if he is the guy or not. Personally I don’t think he has the skill set for a pocket passer in todays evolving game. If you don’t have a rifle arm or are dead accurate with your throws you better be a lightning reader of defenses, elusive or both. Jimmy is neither..

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