Joe Burrow isn’t shying away from taking hits (even if he should)

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If Ben Roethlisberger felt like he was in a train wreck the day after his first game of the 2020 season, Joe Burrow should be feeling — after two games in five days — like he has been put through the meat grinder at Satriale’s.

For now, though, Burrow isn’t complaining. He said after Thursday night’s game, which saw him take plenty of hits, that he “feel[s] good.” He also sees the positive in getting pummeled.

“It doesn’t disrupt my rhythm at all,” Burrow said. “It makes me feel like a football player. I kind of like getting hit sometimes. It doesn’t disrupt me.”

His opponents are noticing, and they appreciate his efforts.

“The guy is tough,” Browns defensive end Myles Garrett told reporters after the game. “He took a lot of shots, and he bounced right back up. He was still putting deep ones on the money and he always kept his eyes downfield. He was never really worried about the rush, unless it was really on him. That is better than some veteran quarterbacks. He has a ways to go, but he is already off to a good start. I am impressed by him.”

He should be. Burrow is the real deal. At some point, however, he needs to be a little more careful, or he’ll end up on the wrong side of a sausage casing.

24 responses to “Joe Burrow isn’t shying away from taking hits (even if he should)

  1. 2 games in 5 days is absolutely ridiculous for a contact sport like football. But I guess it doesn’t matter since the Thursday games means more money for all involved. “Player Safety.”

  2. Pro tip – NFL Linebackers hit VERY hard. Don’t take hits, instead avoid hits. Smart running QBs like Russel Wilson don’t take hits. Thats how they last.

  3. Green Bay offers Jorden Love, 2 first round picks, and two sixth rounds picks for this project. Ok, a third next year as well. On taking a beating, ask bull riders about that. Just saying.

  4. Burrow’s command of no-huddle, 2 minute and 4th down offense is impressive. He has the “it” factor for sure. I didn’t love the routes his receivers ran, he was almost always throwing to a receiver standing still which led to a ton of pass breakups and cringe moments when I thought a pick 6 was possible. The line is awful though, he has no chance to make it through the season if they can’t fix that right side and certainly no chance to throw the ball farther than 15 yards. I’m not looking for wins this year, just improvement. Hopefully these losses can turn into some draft picks for some right side line help.

  5. Myles Garrett’s assessment is spot on. Joe Burrow has the “it” factor. As long as Cincy gives him a good o-line, he’ll do great.

  6. “…like he has been put through the meat grinder at Satriale’s.”

    More Sopranos references need to be sprinkled into PFT articles. Love it.

  7. 61 pass attempts too, lol. Only the Bengals would allow a rookie QB drop back that many times
    He’ll be injured by week 5. Hope Im wrong.

  8. Two words of caution for him to avoid getting hit and the Bengals front office to get him some protection: Andrew Luck.

  9. That strip sack on the goal line was perfect old school football. Surprised they didn’t flag it but glad they didn’t.

  10. The brightest part of Burrows game to me was his composure. It seemed that even when they fell behind, he became steadier as the game wore on. Not bad for a primetime debut.
    I hope that he gets some protection and he listens to his coaches and protects himself.

  11. He needs to take care of himself through rookie contract. Mike Brown is worthless owner who is too cheap to hire an NFL caliber offensive (or defensive) line. Burrow will wind up like Carson Palmer if he doesn’t protect himself and get away from Bungle-land ASAP!

  12. I’m sure going home and looking at his bank account will help a little.

    As a QB, he just needs to show a few flashes of brilliance and he’s all set for contract #2. I’m sure Baker Mayfield will decide to soon hold out for $45 million per year after his performance last night (and he’ll get something close to that).

  13. If he keeps taking those hits from the first two games of his rookie season, I see Burrow eventually landing on injured reserve.

    Two things need to happen!

    Burrow needs to protect his body as best as possible and
    the front office better get him an offensive line or this very talented top pick was all for nothing!

  14. The media here in Cleveland is going off the rails like the Browns have “turned there season around by beating the Bengals. It’s the Bengals. I’m not convinced our offense is getting better or they just beat a Bengals D that isn’t very good. Burrows needs to learn to get rid of the ball faster because the speed of the NFL defenses is nothing like he saw in college. It is so early in the season I don’t think we’ll know who’s who until at least 5 games into the season.

  15. Troy Aikman won 3 super bowls, but he was drafted #1 overall to the worst team. He went 0-11 his rookie year. Peyton Manning won 2 super bowls. He was drafted #1 overall to the worst team. He went 3-13 his rookie year. Terry Bradshaw won 4 super bowls. He was drafted #1 overall to the worst team. He went 3-5 his rookie year. History tends to repeat itself. Joe Burrow was drafted #1 to the worst team. He’ll probably win a few super bowls before it’s all said and done. He looks a heck of a lot better after 2 games than these other HOFers did when they were rookies. There’s tape available, if you don’t believe me.

  16. Burrow is going to be a good one, maybe an all timer, if the organization can protect him. The talent difference between Burrow and Mayfield was obvious last night.

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