Ravens aren’t forgetting about 14-2; they’re trying to build on it

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Win, lose, or whatever, the Patriots notoriously slam the door on the prior season before the new season begins. The Ravens, one year after a 14-2 regular-season effort, aren’t doing that.

After Sunday’s 38-6 win over the Browns, I asked Ravens coach John Harbaugh what he’s doing to get his guys to forget about the 2019 season and to focus on 2020.

“It’s the opposite,” Harbaugh said. “They think about 14-2 all the time. They want to build on it.”

So far, that attitude is working. To start the year, the Ravens avenged one of only two 2019 regular-season losses, turning the tables on a Cleveland team that came to Baltimore in Week Four and won. This week, the Ravens visit a Texans team that Baltimore trounced in 2019, 41-7.

Next week, the Ravens get a chance to avenge their other loss from the 2019 regular season, when the Chiefs come to town for a Monday night showdown.

The next game with direct significance to 2019 comes in Week 11, when the Titans — who beat Baltimore in the playoffs — come back to Baltimore.

The ultimate test for the Ravens arrives in the postseason, presuming they get there. After losing a pair of home playoff games to cap the 2018 and 2019 seasons, the Ravens will be facing plenty of pressure to reverse their recent fortunes in the playoffs.

Before that happens, they’ll be working to match if not exceed their 14 wins from a year ago. If their key players stay healthy, there’s no reason to think they can’t.

12 responses to “Ravens aren’t forgetting about 14-2; they’re trying to build on it

  1. If Lamar Jackson keeps playing the way he played last week, he’s going to make a lot of people look bad.

    This board was plastered with posts from people that called Jackson a “one year wonder” and “one and done”….just because the Ravens got beaten in the playoffs.

    Last week, Jackson had a QB rating of 158.3 (perfect) on passes of 10 yards or more. Granted, it was against Cleveland, but it’s still a great accomplishment.

  2. The talk about Lamar and Harbs and the gang will not stop until the Ravens win a playoff game, and that’s how it should be.


    A Ravens Fan

  3. Harbs? You mean whiny John Harbaugh who manufactured the deflated footballs nonsense because he couldn’t beat the Patriots? The one who blew two 14 point leads in one game?

  4. Good for “Harbs” then, he indeed did beat the Patriots last year – destroyed, not so much.

    And that’s pretty much it for him, along with his one Super Bowl win. I doubt he’ll ever get rid of the bitter taste of defeat after defeat at the hands of Brady and Belichick. And I hope he doesn’t.

  5. The Lamar led Ravens have not hosted the Mahomes led Chiefs yet, so I’m looking forward to seeing how this one plays out. Too bad the Flock won’t be there to create havoc. But I like our chances. Go RAVENS!!!!

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