Adam Gase: We need to get better fast


Jets head coach Adam Gase got a vote of confidence from team CEO Christopher Johnson last week, but it didn’t do much to help his team against the 49ers.

Raheem Mostert raced through their defense for an 80-yard touchdown on the 49ers’ first offensive play and fell behind 21-3 in the first half for the second week in a row. The Jets scored their only touchdown in garbage time of a 31-13 loss to a team that has a good chunk of their roster on the injured list.

It was the ninth time in 18 games under Gase that the Jets have lost by at least 10 points and Gase was predictably unhappy with the state of affairs after the game.

“I’m pissed right now,” Gase said, via “That s–t is no fun, going out there and getting your a-s beat. So we need to get better fast.”

The Jets went 0-4 to open the 2019 season and 1-7 over the first half of the season. They wound up 7-9, but Gase may not get to see the second half of this season if things continue down the current road.

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  1. It can’t be good to get the “vote of confidence” after the 1st game of the season.
    It also can’t help that 49ers were dropping like flies and still had no problem pounding the Jets.

  2. Remember that time Gase showed up loaded to that press conference? How can this tool be in charge of an NFL team after that?

  3. Not defending Gase, but the last 5 Jet’s head coaches all have sub .500 winning percentage. In the entire history of the Jets franchise only 2 coaches finished over .500 – Bill Parcells (.604) and Al Groh (.563 after 1 season).

    Pointing fingers at Gase is fine and even deserved. But the overall history of the franchise has been mediocre. Gates is not the only issue here.

  4. As bad as the Jets are, Gase hasn’t utilized the resources he has.
    As someone who watches the Jets I am disappointed with how he gets nothing out of teh offense, while other teams at least do a little.

    The Jets got blown out by a 49ers team missing:
    George Kittle, Richard Sherman, Dee Ford, Deebo Samual.
    And add to that:
    Nick Bosa, Jimmy Garoppolo, Raheem Mostert ,Tevin Coleman and defensive tackle Solomon Thomas.

    Despite losing all those starters, the 49ers backup QB annihilated the Jets. The Jets got blown out by a roster with 2-14 talent when accounting for all the missing players. Blown out.

    Had the 49ers been full strength the score would have been 42-3.

  5. Blame Todd Bowles, blame Adam Gase but maybe the Jets should admit that they don’t have a QB. Give Joe Burrow this same Jets team and they win games.

  6. Hard to be a fan of this team. You want to say blow it up and start over again, but I could have sworn they have. Poor Jets fans.

  7. Tannehill was a bust in Miami. Then he left Gase and became a real QB. He threw 4 TDs today to reach 2-0. “Offensive genius” Adam Gase has his 0-2 Jets playing like untrained dogs.

  8. We need to get better? What does this clown do all week when he should be getting the team ready? This team is headed for a top 5 pick. Again.

  9. What a surreal run for Gase. Hired because the Jets owner who was watching his team lose every week somehow saw something special about how Gase beat him, then the bug-eyed opening press conference, straight into the predictable losing and all the cliches about needing to get better fast, etc.

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