Chiefs win again, but this time dramatically with 58-yard overtime field goal


The Chiefs have not lost a game against an AFC West opponent since Dec. 13, 2018, when the Chargers beat them 29-28 while Philip Rivers was still the quarterback. Justin Herbert was the Chargers’ quarterback Sunday.

Herbert looked nothing like a rookie making his first start, but Patrick Mahomes was Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs trailed 14-6 at halftime and 17-6 in the third quarter. They tied the Chargers 20-20 on a field goal on the last play of regulation and won it 23-20 on an overtime field goal with less than two minutes to go.

The Chargers beat the Bengals on a 31-yard missed field goal by Cincinnati kicker Randy Bullock in the waning seconds in Week One. Those were the Bengals, the worst team in the NFL in 2019, that the Chargers played last week. These were the defending Super Bowl champions.

Harrison Butker, who tied the team record with a 58-yard field goal in the third quarter, was good from 30 yards on the final play of the fourth quarter. The Chiefs, though, were attempting to win the game in regulation.

They overcame two holding penalties on the game-tying drive but ran out of time after reaching the Los Angeles 12.

In overtime, the Chargers elected to punt on fourth-and-one from their own 34. They never saw the ball again. The Chiefs converted a fourth-and-one from the Chargers 46 on a Darwin Thompson run.

They scored four snaps later on a 58-yard Butker field goal after a false start by Nick Allegretti backed them up 5 yards.

It gave the Chiefs their 11th consecutive victory. They had won seven in a row by double digits until Sunday as Herbert and the Chargers gave Mahomes and the Chiefs all they wanted.

Herbert, a surprise starter after Tyrod Taylor injured his chest in pregame warmups, went 22-of-33 for 311 yards with a touchdown and an interception. Six different receivers caught passes.

Mahomes, who was under duress all day, ran for 54 yards on six carries and completed 27 of 47 passes for 302 yards and two touchdowns. His 54-yard touchdown pass to Tyreek Hill with 12:48 left in the fourth quarter ended up leading to a tie game.

Officials missed a 15-yard penalty on Hill after his touchdown. He removed his helmet in the end zone, which should have drawn a flag and surely will draw a fine.

It won’t help the Chargers now. They likely would have backed up the Chiefs 15 yards on the extra point, which would have forced the Chiefs to try to kick a long extra point rather than go for two, which they converted on a pass from Mahomes to Mecole Hardman.

25 responses to “Chiefs win again, but this time dramatically with 58-yard overtime field goal

  1. Anthony Lynn, inept for going on 4th & 1 IN OVERTIME!
    I’m a Dolphins fan, sorry if I seem upset about bad Football decisions…

  2. Anthony Lynn, inept for NOT going for it on 4th & 1 IN OVERTIME! I’m a Dolphins fan, sorry if I seem upset about bad Football decisions…

  3. Anthony Lynn is not a very good HC. Should have gone for it on the 4th down instead of giving the ball back to Mahomes.

  4. Russell Wilson: I’m the best qb in the league!

    Also Russell Wilson: get pick 6 on first drive of game!


  5. Hill took his helmet off on the long pass when he was marked down at 3 yard line. It was not on the TD play. I cannot believe you reporters and even commentator Romo failed to point that out. It would not have affected the 2 point conversion but would have backed them up making it harder to score that final TD.

  6. Melvin Ingram crying about Bosa making more than him. Jumped offsides on critical 3rd down on final drive. Look at how many pays he took off in 4th qtr and OT. GTHOH clown. Herbert looks like a player though. Lynn giving ball back to Mahomes with momentum? Poor coaching to say the least.

  7. The fact he kicked 3 straight over 50 yards (the first one with the penalty, the second when the Titans called time out just before the kick, and then finally the game winner) showed me he is really consistent. Very impressive.

  8. Patsfan – I hope you saw that pick 6 – the TE Olsen didn’t catch it and pushed the ball up in the air…that was a good pass and the TE caused the pick 6.

  9. Charger fans whining about Hill removing his helmet….how about the shot to the head that Sammy Watkins received with no flag???? Refs should In this game equal opportunity sucked!!

  10. Hill basically did 2 flips, on the TD, I thought it was coming off which allows him to take it off.

    He won’t be fined.

  11. Super Bowl Champs barely able to squeak out a “W”—anyone concerned about KC? One would have thought it might be more convincing.

  12. twobluegills says:
    September 20, 2020 at 10:14 pm
    Super Bowl Champs barely able to squeak out a “W”—anyone concerned about KC? One would have thought it might be more convincing.

    Since they prepared for Tyrod Taylor and have no tape on Herbert, I am not surprised. Then again, the sign of a truly great team is when they win even on their bad days. It’s what they do. Also, the Chargers have a good defense, regardless of what you might think.

  13. Hill took his helmet off cause it was starting come off after he rolled over. You can clearly see it’s coming loose.

  14. How about the Chargers calling a timeout to ice the kicker? Then they call a false start. Wouldn’t the time out negate the false start???

  15. Punting on 4th and 1 wasn’t the crime….There were other moments in this game that did the Chargers in….On the other hand, I remember a 2011 game where Mike Smith went for it on 4th and 1 with the Falcons from his own 29 because he didn’t want to give the ball back to Drew Brees…At least Lynn made the Chiefs earn it.

  16. How about a Chargers TD standing when there was a blatant false start on the play, just like Houston last week. Holding can be somewhat subjective but a false start is a false start. You have two officials standing on the line of scrimmage who’s pre-snap job is to watch for offensive movement…..and neither can pull it off.

  17. Zebras allowed Watkins to get helmet speared and knocked out of the game, but they were allowing Ingram and Bosa to slap Mahomes in his helmet and facemask with their tackles just after passes were launched, all game long.

    Zebras also called a phantom holding call on #70 negating a first down on the last drive of the game, forcing a FG attempt to tie it up.

    In overtime, they threw another flag for phantom holding call on Wylie #77 after a 3rd down pass completion to Helaire to the 10 yard line, negating a first down – and pushing the ball backwards.

    And Chargers fans whining about a helmet that gets jarred off a wide receiver’s head while he’s performing acrobats to score 6 points in the end zone.

    That’s some funny ha ha stuff.

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