Coaches who disrgarded mask policy likely will hear from the league

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On Monday, the league made clear its expectation that all coaches and sideline personnel will wear their masks over their mouths and noses at all times. On Sunday, plenty of coaches and sideline personnel failed to comply.

Look for them to hear about it on Monday.

As one league source explained it to PFT, the NFL likely will implement reasonable fines while also demanding a commitment that there will be no further violations. Then, if there are further violations, the financial consequences will increase dramatically.

The concern is this: Absent eventually significant punishment, the violators may simply do the math, cut the check for a full-season fine, and be done with it. The league doesn’t want anyone to view the mandate as a cost-of-doing-business-style inconvenience, but as a rule that must be, and will be, complied with.

46 responses to “Coaches who disrgarded mask policy likely will hear from the league

  1. Serious question if they are tested before the game and are negative why do they have to wear a mask?

  2. Serious question if they are tested before the game and are negative why do they have to wear a mask?


    So they don’t catch it from someone who is infected with it.

  3. Most situations will have an “explanation”. I doubt the cameras cover them an entire game. This will be tougher to enforce than it’s made out to be.

  4. Serious question if they are tested before the game and are negative why do they have to wear a mask?


    Unfortunately, even today COVID tests aren’t 100 percent accurate, someone could unknowingly skate through for a day or two until they had another test. In addition, depending on how soon someone contracted COVID prior to the test is a factor, it takes time from entering your system to taking hold and showing up.

    Wearing masks keeps a potential outbreak from spreading as much as possible. In the unlikely circumstance one of the above did happen we’ve seen how quickly this spreads. Better to be safe not sorry is the idea.

  5. I’m sure this is the most pressing concern on Kyle Shanahan’s mind right now. And the NFL should probably be more concerned about safe turf than masks at the moment.

  6. If they smoked reefer during the game, they’d get a six-game rip, so they should get at least that the next time they don’t wear a mask. Make an Example out of them.

  7. Players are not wearing mask on the sideline.
    Commentators are not wearing masks
    Refs are routinely taking their masks off

    Sounds like an abuse of power/ money grab

  8. Until a member of a coaching staff or player is in ICU or perishes from the virus, the mask policy will continue to be pencil whipped.

  9. Having the coaches wear masks is for PR purposes only. Between testing and being outdoors, it serves little to no other purpose.

  10. People who say masks are an infringement on their rights need to tell us why they never became upset over those signs that have been around for decades: No shirt, no shoes, no service. They are there for hygiene purposes, not as a fashion statement.

  11. When 45 people on the sidelines don’t have to wear them, it makes absolutely no sense for anybody on the sidelines to wear them. Remember, the propaganda is that the masks keep others safe, not the wearer. This is all just a load of bs.

  12. Reminds me of a mom yelling at her kid.

    “Little Jimmy, don’t make me count to three. 1,2, 2 and a half…”

    Put up or shut up.

  13. Of course. A coach not wearing a mask is a huge issue. Forcing players to play on a field at the Meadowlands with messed up turf that has them blow out their knees and ankles? Nah, not so much.

  14. Just wear a mask…it’s not that difficult. Set an example, do the right thing. Show your President how it done!

  15. Absolutely ridiculous that they have to be wearing masks. If the players don’t need to while competing, neither should the coaches. It 100% makes it more difficult to do their job.

  16. If they don’t want to wear mask, the ref needs to send em to the booth. They can coach from there or eject em.

  17. ^jordan, yes you can. They are employees. You are the same dude calling for them to punish players who kneel. Oh the irony

  18. Can we please stop with the mask-shaming stuff? We’re all human. These coaches are tested just as often as the players are so there is no more increased risk than a player brings. Can’t we flip it and focus on the positive things in the game and in our lives?

  19. That old guy from Seattle, of all places, isn’t wearing his.

    Of all the blow yards, and as far left as Seattle is, Pete may get fired tomorrow despite the big win.

  20. Nothing will turn someone into a bigger mask supporter than watching Pete Carrol working that gum for 60 minutes.

    He should be required to wear a mask for the rest of his career.

  21. Jordan says:

    September 20, 2020 at 11:38 pm

    You cannot FORCE people to wear a mask therefore the NFL CANNOT do anything about it
    It’s a job and they entirely can just as when/if you become an adult and get a job whether you like it or not Jordan they can tell you to wear a mask too.

  22. It’s amazing to me that at this point in the ongoing, not-going-away-by-any-stretch pandemic, that anyone still has a problem wearing a mask.

    A little more brain usage and a little less misplaced righteous indignation would do our world some good.

  23. I watched this at my Grandson’s high school game. He lines up with his face one foot away from an offensive lineman both breathing heavily. Out there tackling players then comes to the side line and as to put on a mask and try to stay six feet away from other players. What a joke!!

  24. First offense? Fine/ Second offense? Suspend them for a week. Coaches might not be worried about a fine, but they’ll lose their s^^^ if they aren’t able to control everything in their program for a whole week.

  25. We can argue all day about what the rule should be, but the point is that right now it’s a rule, and these coaches are failing miserably. I don’t know why this is so hard. These coaches seem to think they can’t talk with a mask on, which is BS, since everybody else in the world manages it just fine.

    They make gaiters now that hook around your ears, which keeps them up, and the gaiter is a loose enough fit that the coach shouldn’t feel claustrophobic. Another option is to go with a shield, but I wouldn’t go with the silly flimsy shields they’re using. I sometimes use my shop shield, which is solid and lifts up. The thing could be marked with the team name and/or logo and all that good stuff.

    To me, the point about the constant testing means that the coaches should be able to safely use the lesser-protective face coverings, like gaiters, shields, masks with valves, rather than going full bore with N95s, for example. I can’t believe that equipment managers aren’t all over this, finding a relatively comfortable solution.

  26. There is something ironic related to coaches who cover up their mouths from cameras to avoid lip readers from knowing the calls now not wearing masks that will accomplish the same goal.

  27. “the coaches should be able to safely use the lesser-protective face coverings, like gaiters, shields, masks with valves, rather than going full bore with N95s, for example.”

    Gaiters and masks with valves already are being used by coaches. Numerous guys are using gaiters and Bill Belichick had valve mask on last night.

  28. Someone needs to teach the coaches how to properly wear them first.

    Sean McVay had it around his chin the entire game last week and covered his mouth with his card when calling plays. Just pull up your mask dude. 🙄

    Pete Carroll seems to think you pull it down to talk to someone and up the rest of the time. 🙄 Pete, Keep that mask up at all times especially when you are gnawing on that gum! Disgusting!

    Shanahan kept pulling his down to talk too. People it is simple, the make stays around the mask and nose especially when talking!

    Sean Payton did not have one on last week when I saw parts of the game, which is crazy because he had covid (for those who say he cannot get it because he had it, yes you can get it again).

    It is the league rules so wear them and wear them correctly. The rest of the world needs to do the same thing. I see toddlers wearing them, if they can do it so can everyone else.

  29. “You cannot FORCE people to wear a mask therefore the NFL CANNOT do anything about it”

    Nice try. The NFL can force coaches to wear masks the same way they force them to wear official gear on the sidelines and appear at press conferences, etc. The same way they make players wear helmets, pull their socks all the way up, etc. And if your employer decided you needed to wear a mask you’d be doing it or you’d be unemployed.

  30. I read through the comments, some so intelligent things, some anger and some of you have not educated yourselves, and continue to follow the political propaganda lies of the main stream media outlets.
    If we can fly airplanes, have train’s travel, taxi services, ubers, lifts, and buses, and they hold less people, why can these organizations not also have fans in the seats.
    When did we all give up our ability to decide what is best for us? Every day, most of us get into a car, drive to work, take a bus, taxi, train, or plane. They all have the same chance of an accident, yet you get in anyway. Why? Because your decided to, knowing all the risks involved, you, yourself made the decision to travel. You are responsible for what happens to you.
    If I as a fan want to go sit and watch a team play, I, who is paying for the seat should get to decide if I go or not. If a coach or a player decides to not wear a mask, then they have weighed all the information and decided what is best for them. Leave them alone, they have that right as person for themselves to wear one or not. Last time I checked I still live in the United States of America, where I have the freedom to decide my choices for me. You want to have government, or your freedoms taken away, then go live for a while in a country that has done that, see how you like it, if you do then stay there.
    I applaud the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs for allowing people in to watch their teams, more teams should buck the system and do so, more fans, if truly fans should demand it.
    Wake up, pull your head out of the sand

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