Doug Pederson stuck with FG in fourth because he felt Eagles had momentum


Eagles head coach Doug Pederson faced a crucial decision early in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s game against the Rams.

The Rams jumped off side as Jake Elliott made a field goal that cut L.A.’s lead to 24-19. The Eagles could take the points or they could have tried a fourth-and-three from the 10-yard-line. Pederson kept the points and explained why after the game.

“I felt at that time we had some momentum, took the ball down the field,” Pederson said in his postgame press conference. “It was going to be a fourth and three, I believe, and wanted to keep it to a one-score game at that particular point. I felt like we had some momentum and made the choice to keep points on the board.”

The Rams went 75 yards in three plays for a touchdown that upped their lead to 12 points and shifted the momentum to their side for good. They stopped the Eagles on downs after the Tyler Higbee score and Darrell Henderson made it a 37-19 final later in the fourth quarter.

Those points make it 64 points allowed in the last six quarters by the Eagles and that kind of effort makes it a lot harder to settle for three points.

11 responses to “Doug Pederson stuck with FG in fourth because he felt Eagles had momentum

  1. He chose wisely… take the points. Dallas tried a 4th & 3 from the Rams 11 last week and came up a yard short. It seems like too many people just want to play both sides of the same coin, if they don’t convert they criticize the head coach for going for it and if they take the points they criticize the head coach for not going for it. Must be nice to be able to see into the future.

  2. Apparently this team is headed toward a classic meltdown and it will only be a matter of time before the visor wearing fool is sent packing.

  3. Fire him schwartz and his HORRID putrid defensive scheme. What a mockery of the once feared eagles defense. What other DC in the league disregards linebackers and has his corners always ten yards away from the recievers

  4. The biggest issue is that those 3 points were the only points the Eagles scored in the second half after driving towards the go ahead touchdown to start the second half.

    Carson Wentz has thrown away the game in the second half of both games. Carson has unraveled badly so far this season.

  5. As a close friend of the organization it was the right move. Nothing wrong with Doug. Nothing wrong with Jim. This team has been decimated by injuries for years. I applaud the coaches. Let’s see how the 49ers fair. If they don’t miss a beat, i’ll eat a sock.

    Listen. Hargreaves and Brooks are two of the highest paid players on the team. Dillard is the first round LT. If you build the trenches and the trenches are hurt, your whole team is exposed

  6. Boy, Eagle fans sure are finnicky. So many of them predicting all the horrible things they were going to do to Goff and the Rams. They turned fast!

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