NFL field operations to take a look at MetLife Stadium turf

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The NFL takes great care to certify any and all playing surfaces before each game. Notwithstanding those efforts, concerns have emerged regarding the turf at MetLife Stadium in the aftermath of multiple lower-leg injuries suffered by members of the San Francisco 49ers.

Per a league source, the NFL’s field operations department will take a closer look at the situation based on the concerns raised by the 49ers.

There’s a very good reason for doing that: The 49ers play there again next Sunday, against the Giants.

Not everyone believes there’s an issue with the turf. 49ers tight end Jordan Reed (more on my conversation with him coming later) said he didn’t notice anything amiss with the turf (unfortunate typo originally missed, eventually rectified). Also, a league source tells PFT that the Steelers had no complaints after playing there on Monday night. The Giants likewise had no issues with the field in Week One against Pittsburgh.

And as a Jets source told PFT after their first game of the year at MetLife Stadium, “We were too busy getting our faces kicked in to worry about the turf.”

13 responses to “NFL field operations to take a look at MetLife Stadium turf

  1. As much as the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate and their lesser fools named the Jets have whined about Washington’s field, there is no reason that this field should have any issues. The NFL needs to throw the book at these two franchises.

  2. I remember Levi Stadium having trash grass and there was no investigation lol. Sounds like the Niners trainers need some remedial lower body and core workout training. This is an issue because of the names that went down today…names that have had lower body injuries in the past mind you.

  3. I remember playing all late season games in the “Bog by the Bay” or Candlestick as it was also known.

  4. First take is, this is happening to a lot of teams at stadiums not in New Jersey. I think its more an issue with conditioning with the abbreviated offseason training program and camp than one stadiums turf.

    I think the 49ers just got unlucky with multiple in one week.

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