Rams get to 2-0 with win in Philadelphia

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The Rams are liking life in the NFC East.

They beat the Cowboys at home in Week One and they went on the road to knock off the Eagles in Week Two. Jared Goff and tight end Tyler Higbee hooked up for three touchdowns, including a 28-yarder in the fourth quarter that put a big obstacle in the way of the Eagles’ comeback hopes.

Higbee’s third score made it 31-19 Rams and the Eagles were able to drive into their territory on the ensuing drive, but the 12-point margin meant that the Eagles had to go for it on fourth down. They failed and Goff hit Darrell Henderson for a 28-yard gain that set up a two-yard Henderson score on the next play. That made it 37-19 and all but ended the competitive portion of the proceedings even with Sam Sloman‘s extra point getting blocked.

Goff was 20-of-27 for 267 yards overall and Henderson posted 81 yards on 12 carries. Malcolm Brown added 47 yards on his 11 carries, which helped set up play action passing for Goff all afternoon.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson will likely be asked about a decision to stick with a field goal that cut the score to 24-19 early in the fourth quarter. The Rams were offside, which would have given the Eagles a fourth-and-three, but Pederson declined the penalty and Higbee scored a short time later.

Carson Wentz was also intercepted in the end zone in the third quarter, so there were a lot of missed opportunities for the Eagles over the course of the second half. They’ll lament those while trying to get ready for a meeting with the 0-2 Bengals.

The Rams will crisscross the country again to face the Bills next Sunday and they’ll bring hope that their success extends to the AFC East.

6 responses to “Rams get to 2-0 with win in Philadelphia

  1. Rams are really good at running the ball. If they can do that all year they’ll win a lot of games. Defense is solid too.

  2. The Rams came to Philly to get some cheesesteaks & kick some butt.
    They were all out of cheesesteaks so…

  3. The Eagles are not going to win many football games this year. They just aren’t a very good team right now. Howie is great at the salary cap but a terrible judge of talent. They sure could use a really good linebacker that they should have drafted in the second round this year instead of a gimmick QB in Hurts and JJAW was a wasted draft pick. Teams that don’t know how to draft lose.

  4. But wait, remember the throw that Goff missed in the Super Bowl? Florio remembers. So, don’t let the door hit Goff on the way out. According to Florio.

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