Report: Drew Lock to miss 2-6 weeks with sprained AC joint in shoulder


Broncos quarterback Drew Lock was wearing a sling on his throwing arm as he did postgame interviews after Sunday’s 26-21 loss to the Steelers.

“We’re going to take it day by day,” Lock said. “I’m optimistic about it. We’ll have it checked out tomorrow morning and we’ll know more by then.”

Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree hit Lock on a sack in the first half, with Lock’s shoulder driven into the ground as he lost a fumble.

Lock sprained the AC joint in his right shoulder and will miss between 2-6 weeks, ESPN reports. Lock will undergo an MRI on Monday.

Lock tried to throw on the sideline, but it quickly became obvious he couldn’t throw.

“It felt funny,” Lock said. “I’m not going to blow it out of proportion on how funny it felt. I’ve been throwing the football my whole life, and I wouldn’t necessarily say it felt normal right off the back. So I came back in here to assess.”

Jeff Driskel replaced Lock and went 18-of-34 for 256 yards with two touchdowns and an interception. Lock was 1-for-5 for 20 yards before leaving.

8 responses to “Report: Drew Lock to miss 2-6 weeks with sprained AC joint in shoulder

  1. Bad luck for Lock, who had just barely escaped a tackle attempt and was off balance when Dupree hit him. Driskel played well in his place, but Lock shows a lot of promise and they’re gonna need him. I hope Lock can come back even better, best of luck to him.

    Go Steelers!

  2. Too bad our awful coaches don’t know how to thwart a pass rush. The quick, inside slant was open all day.

    And then there’s clock management AGAIN. When the Broncs were driving with 5 minutes left they could have eaten up nearly two minutes by running the clock down between plays thereby limiting the Steelers time to come back with a late score if they needed one. As it worked out if the broncs would have scored there at the end, the Steelers had the bulk of two minutes to drive for the winning field goal and we already know the broncs lead the league in giving up last moment FG’s. Good God, this has been going on for two years now.

  3. “Bad luck of Lock. They need a better O-line. First Miller, now Lock. Going to be a long year for Donkey fans.”

    That O line has been a glaring weakness for several years now. The skill positions get endless shuffling but the line is continuously bad and held together with duct tape like it’ll somehow fix itself. I mean, how exactly did they think Joe “the statue” Flacco was going to survive? After that disaster their plan shifted to younger QBs who they thought would have a better chance of outrunning the rush but the line stayed bad. It’s beyond baffling at this point.

  4. Honestly this is probably the bet thing to happen for the Donkeys. Lock is not the answer. Best to keep him out. Terrible QB.

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