Adam Gase wouldn’t let Sam Darnold audible on fourth-and-1

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In the second quarter of Sunday’s loss to the 49ers, the Jets went for it on fourth-and-1 at San Francisco’s 20-yard line. Although the 49ers’ defensive line left a gap between the center and left guard where quarterback Sam Darnold appeared to have space to take the snap and sneak forward for a first down, Darnold instead handed off to running back Josh Adams, who was stopped for no gain.

So why didn’t Darnold just take what the defense was giving him? He and head coach Adam Gase both said that when Gase made the play call, Darnold didn’t have the authority to audible out of it.

That’s my call,” Gase said, via ESPN.

Darnold said it’s simple: Gase makes the call and the team runs the play Gase called.

“Adam said it best,” Darnold said. “I don’t have the option to do that. We were worried about executing the play. If we execute the play call, we have a first down and no one would be talking about it.”

Given that Gase’s greatest success in coaching came as the offensive coordinator for Peyton Manning’s Broncos, and given how much the Broncos benefited from Manning’s ability to call plays at the line of scrimmage, it’s surprising that Gase is so rigid that he won’t allow his quarterback to audible in a situation like the fourth-and-1 the Jets faced on Sunday. The Jets went with the play Gase called, and that play came up short.

11 responses to “Adam Gase wouldn’t let Sam Darnold audible on fourth-and-1

  1. This is why he’s a horrible coach. If you don’t trust your QB in that situation he shouldn’t be your QB. It’s not the same but brad childress was the same way trying to stop Brett from audibling plays one of the greatest QBs of all time and he told him he cant change the play at the LOS.

  2. How did this crazy eyed bum get a 2nd NFL coaching job. Joe Douglas is actually a capable GM but you need all three, owner,coach, GM to be competent to win.

  3. What makes it truly comical is that if not for Peyton Manning audibling for essentially an entire season Gase would never have gotten a head coaching job. But that now he’s the big shot with his precious scheme he won’t let his QBs audible AT ALL.

  4. Gase can and should be called out on this until the cows come home. Either Gase is a total control freak, or he does not trust Darnold. No way Gase survives another year if the Jets continue to struggle (they will) and he can’t produce any points. Injuries stink, but its the little things like this (no audibles on 4th down, no motion or any innovation on offense) that drive me nuts. Gase is no offensive coach. He just is friends with Peyton Manning. Hopefully that won’t help him get another job and ruin another team.

  5. Gase will be calling audibles in Madden 21 from his coach next season. I actually feel bad for the Jets. Darnold has promise if Gase is gone next yr. Another yr of Gase will be a career killer for Darnold.

  6. darnold should have audibled anyway. then i can see the following happen: either they get the first down, and gase is pissy but can’t say anything since the drive extended, or, gase calls a timeout frantically, goes bezerk, tells darnold to run the damn play, gets stuffed, and then pops an eyeball out looking stupid on the sideline. sad organization.

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