Anthony Lynn: Tyrod Taylor gives us best chance to win

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Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn didn’t hesitate on Sunday before saying Tyrod Taylor remains the team’s starting quarterback if he’s healthy enough to play and he didn’t backtrack on Monday.

Taylor had to be scratched after reportedly having an adverse reaction to a painkilling injection and Herbert went 22-of-33 for 311 yards, a touchdown and an interceptions. That wasn’t enough to beat the Chiefs, who rallied to tie the game in regulation and won 23-20 in overtime.

On Monday, Lynn referenced that result while telling reporters why he’s sticking with Taylor.

“Don’t get me wrong, I thought what Justin did, I thought he came in and gave us a chance to win,” Lynn said, via Kalyn Kahler of Bleacher Report. But there is a lot you don’t know and there is a lot we didn’t get done with Justin on  the field yesterday. He is a backup for a reason. He is a rookie and there is a lot he needs to learn about this game. Tyrod is a veteran guy, I have had him before. I know what to expect from him and what he is going to get done. If Tyrod can’t go and we have to go with Justin, I am perfectly content with that. I know we can win with either quarterback, but the veteran quarterback right now gives us the best chance to win. And it’s not like we won the damn game yesterday. We lost, last time I checked.”

Lynn said that Taylor is recovering well and at home after being taken to the hospital on Sunday. The Chargers will release their first injury report of the week on Wednesday and that will provide some more information about who will be playing quarterback against the Panthers in Week Three.

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  1. Ram fan here, no dog in this hunt, but I respect Anthony Lynn as a very good head coach. The football-fan side of me says “Hey, Justin Herbert played well and the Chargers almost upset the Chiefs!!” but the objective-reality side of me says “Hey. Coach Lynn knows what he’s doing. Next question.”

  2. A guy more worried about keeping his job than setting his team up. Taylor is a nice backup QB, nothing more.

  3. I am speculating here … the idea is that by starting Taylor several games they are giving Herbert time to learn, and when the team is way out of it, there is no pressure on Herbert when he comes in midway through the season.

    From what I saw, Herbert at least looked like a real QB. I’m sure he has room for improvement, but he didn’t look like some of the bad QBs in the league now.

  4. I have seen Tyrod Taylor play for years and if Tyrod was the QB, the game wouldn’t have made it to Overtime.

  5. Really promising performance from Herbert! As a raider fan, it’s pretty fun to see Lock and this kid emerge, going to be some shootouts in the future.

  6. That’s a dubious proposition at best. I’ve seen enough of Tyrod in Buffalo. Good guy, but… ugh

  7. In the end the fans will decide. You used a #6 pick. He played well. Might be the first coach fired. Tyrod better win 14 games in a row.

  8. Taylor is a joke… if this dumb coach keeps starting him QB change it not the only change he’ll need to worry about.

  9. He will probably be the first coach fired this year. Tyrod is a great guy and a hard worker, but he is an average QB.

  10. Tyrod is nice but Herbert has a cannon arm that just flicks it and he definitely looked the part of a starting NFL QB. But Lynn as a coach? 3 straight dive plays with 4 minutes left to bleed the clock for a crummy FG will not win against the Chiefs. At least give your team a chance to win, that was just conservative crummy play calling. KC going down to tie the game was so predictable and then win in OT, Lynn you blew it.

  11. That’s almost as dumb an idea from Lynn as his decision to punt in OT and let Mahomes come back on the field only needing a field goal.

  12. Its admirable to go down with the ship, I suppose. Not sure how you get off the ship into a stable lifeboat, and then decide to get back onto the sinking ship.

  13. What did Watson do against the Chiefs and Mahomes? What did Herbert, in his 1st real NFL speed action do against the Chiefs and Mahomes? Dink and Dunk Taylor isn’t the answer.

  14. This dude’s going to get fired. Herbert surprisingly looks really well and composed. Started against arguably the best team in the NFL and nearly won. He’s going to start eventually why not give him that shot right now when he’s facing teams that don’t have the benefit of extremely loud crowds to disrupt the offense.

  15. I think this has a lot to do with the football team this season. They won week one and lost week two. Taylor is a veteran, respected and leader. Herbert looked fantastic and I think that KC was caught off guard as they were ready for Taylor. I definitely see why they would go to the rookie after investing a top ten pick but I don’t think its a good look to sit a veteran after he was benched due to an injury caused by their own doctors. They are 1-1 and Taylor was named their starter and they won week 1. I think sitting him sends the message that they are looking past this season. If Herbert had won then I think he has better claim and if they lose with Tyrod, Lynn will look bad but this could be a bad look for the locker room and team if Taylor is benched.

  16. They lost to the Bengals because their kicker pulled a muscle during the kick.
    They lost to the Chiefs because their kicker is really good.
    That’s 2 straight games that came down to the other team’s kicker getting a shot to win the game. It seems the Chargers may need to look at some other aspects of their team.

  17. Start Herbert the next game and when the team is actually prepped for him and he goes 6 for 31 with two turnovers, the crowd will ask why he wasn’t prepared. Everyone wants the rookie to start until the season is shot and they’re like fire the coach. LOL why would the guy risk his employment? Bet you don’t at your job.

  18. From a simple statistical standpoint, he’s not wrong.

    Chargers with Herbert: 0-1

    Chargers with Taylor: 1-0

    That being said, Herbert is likely the better player.

  19. Lol, it’s not a rational approach. Hebert needs to learn the NFL game by playing the NFL game.

  20. Now that the Chargers know they’re good enough to compete with the Chiefs with Herbert at QB, Tyrod Taylor better come in and look like Dan Fouts, or the coach is done.

  21. I’d say the defense not giving up the lead and the coach not punting to the Chiefs in overtime give them the best chance to win, but what do I know?

    As for Taylor, I think it’s fine to give him more time to prove himself and Herbert more time to develop.

  22. Herbert pushed the Super Bowl Champs to the limit, and he thinks Tyrod gives them the best chance to win? I’m sensing a little bit of favoritism here…

  23. Is there something personal going on here? If Double T gives us the best chance to win, why did we drop a 1st round choice on a QB? He looked pretty good to me.

  24. Tyrod Taylor has had one 300 yard passing game in 47 starts. Justin Herbert has had one 300 yard passing game in one start. The prosecution rests its case.

  25. Go look at the QB rating for the rookie against the Superbowl Champs and then if you say that again the owner should fire you. Smoking weed is that legal in California. The rookie had a higher QB rating than KC QB, let that sink in.

  26. Says the guy who didn’t go for it on 4th and 1 in their one and only OT possession. Terrible play-calling in the latter part of the final drive prior to the late FG in the 4Q as well.

    Way to play to “not lose” and then lose.

  27. Don’t like the way Lynn phrased the response, but understand the thinking. You got a veteran team, and while Herbert looks great against the Chiefs, you don’t want to rush the decision and have to pull him mid season if he struggles. It’s not like Cincinnati where you’re rebuilding and can go with the rookie, even if he struggles. You’re 1-1, a veteran team and with an extra playoff spot this year, you don’t want go with youngster, especially this year with shorten training camp. If Taylor struggles you can always pull him for Herbert, but once you commit to Herbert, you can’t pull him without hurting him long term.

  28. “Don’t get me wrong, I thought what Justin did, I thought he came in and gave us a chance to win,” Lynn said, via Kalyn Kahler of Bleacher Report. But there is a lot you don’t know and there is a lot we didn’t get done with Justin on the field yesterday. He is a backup for a reason.

    Yes indeed, he gave the team a chance to win, but you’re the one as an average coach, who made sure you gave the team a chance to lose, by giving the ball back to KC on 4th and 1.

  29. nunya says:
    September 21, 2020 at 9:02 pm
    Says the guy who didn’t go for it on 4th and 1 in their one and only OT possession. Terrible play-calling in the latter part of the final drive prior to the late FG in the 4Q as well.

    Way to play to “not lose” and then lose.

    well said


  30. As a Duck, I’m just happy to see the kid compete and look like he belongs on an NFL field. He’s a really good dude. That and 3 bucks gets you coffee in the NFL; you gotta produce, and he sure did!

  31. Is he trying to “make up” for what happened to Tyrod three years ago in Buffalo? The logic behind this is….

  32. cassuisjay24 says:
    September 21, 2020 at 5:50 pm
    He wont be coaching this team next year.

    If you look back at how Team Spanos has operated the team, the usually keep the bad coaches and give the good ones

  33. Tyrod witness here.

    Yes, I am sure the rookie made mistakes and threw into coverage. However, he looked like he can win games.

    Tyrod is a veteran who is slow with his reads and slow with decision to pass the ball.

    I would take my lumps with the rookie.

    Lynn will be the coach in 2021. No way the Spanos fire him. They were having problems getting fans to games and $ in the door before Covid. They won’t want to pay him and and new staff. Cheaper to keep him.

  34. I disagree. The rookie they put in did an outstanding job. I would just keep him in and get the pain of learning the system over and prepare him for the future. I dont agree with developing young guns unless they are playing behind a Manning or Farve. This guy has no one to really learn from so let him learn from his mistakes and his good decisions too.

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