Carson Wentz: Don’t panic, we’ll be OK

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The Eagles have given up 64 points over the last six quarters while blowing a lead to Washington and getting beaten 37-19 by the Rams, so one would imagine that the fanbase in Philly is in crisis mode.

Quarterback Carson Wentz attempted to talk people off of ledges after losing to the Rams. Wentz admitted to frustration with the way things have gone in the first two weeks of the season before telling people that the big picture hasn’t changed for the team at this point.

“We’re obviously frustrated. You never want to start 0-2,” Wentz said in a postgame press conference. “Last week, the way we lost to Washington, starting 0-1 is obviously not what we want and not how we expect to finish ball games. And then today, coming out behind again, [is] not where you want to be. But we know there’s enough things through two games, offensively speaking, that we can put on the tape and know we’re right there [and] just missing some things. We’re right there, don’t panic, we’ll be OK. I’ve always had all the confidence in the world in our defense. Things happen, but we’re not panicking and excited to get back on it.”

No one is 2-0 in the NFC East and there haven’t been any divisional games other than the one against Washington yet, so the Eagles can look to last year as an example of how the playoff race can come back to teams who struggle in the early portion of the schedule. You’ve got to win games at some point, though, and failing to do so against the Bengals next week won’t do much to stall the panic in Philadelphia.

6 responses to “Carson Wentz: Don’t panic, we’ll be OK

  1. Carson’s level of passion does not match Philly’s… underwhelming… YOU may not be worried, but your paying fanbase IS and this is business…
    uses “we” when referring to HIS turnovers 90% of the time…
    has yet to show up… eagles as a whole treating the regular season like it’s preseason…

    Ertz & Goedert, Wentz & Hurts… thanks, Howie but we want Wins, not Drama… then again Ertz seems to believe footstomping and underperforming is how to get a big deal…

    I’m a Jim Schwarz defender but good lord why oh why does he think Nate Gerry belongs on the field?!

    This entire organization seems to have 2020’d the season already.

  2. Since the Super Bowl win they are 18-16 and that is thanks to their division being so weak. Put them in a strong division and they’d be well under .500 over that span. If today’s not the day for panic, that day is coming.

  3. I’d Dallas didn’t look so poor the last two weeks, I’d be more worried. Philly has shown a tendency to flip a switch at a certain point the last few seasons and get on a roll that carries them to the post season. Dallas has shown a tendency to ball up in the fetal position while dusting off the VHS tapes from the early 90s.

    Dallas looked bad for 7 quarters this season and had it not been for the biggest bonehead play in the history of special teams, they’d be 0-2 as well.

    I’m not worried yet. But, if the eagles don’t figure out a way to fix the turnovers and defense by next week, it might be time to worry.

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