Cowboys “keeping an eye on” DeMarcus Lawrence’s knee injury

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Sunday saw a long list of players pick up injuries that will keep them out for weeks, months or the rest of the season.

It remains to be seen if Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence will be added to that list.

Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy said on Monday, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News, that Lawrence was limited to 28 snaps because of a knee injury “that we were just keeping an eye on.” McCarthy said he anticipated having more of an update when the Cowboys resume practicing on Wednesday.

Lawrence had five tackles on those 28 snaps, but no sacks or hits on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. McCarthy said he’s looking for more from the team’s pass rush and a healthy Lawrence would be one way to improve the chances of getting it.

5 responses to “Cowboys “keeping an eye on” DeMarcus Lawrence’s knee injury

  1. Their D is so generic. They literally line 4 men across and then go straight into the offensive lineman. No creativity whatsoever

  2. He got paid then disappeared last year. Hasn’t done anything this year so far. He blames it on goiy to 3-4 . What happened last year. His excuse is always getting double teamed. He dang near ever gets doubled anymore. The cowo need to find a way to get out of this contract. He is what he is. He quit. He is not worth the money. Cowboys fans like me need to start believing the eye test. It never lies. Lawrence can’t get there and needs to be gone

  3. It never seems to fail! Every time a Cowboy holds out and then gets more money when he returns he is never the same player. Cases in point: Roy OU Williams LB heldout signed big contract and then laid down. Dez held out and after he signed he was never the same player. D. Lawrence held out, got the fat dollars and is not the same player. Zeke held out last year ahd when he returned he was not the same player. Amari Cooper signed the big dollar conract and now we are going to see if he is the player he once was!

  4. Who is going to step up and be the star in seattle this Sunday? I am thinking Daton Schultz, CeeDee Lamb, Gallup, and Amari Cooper. Also, Dak has to have his bestter game!

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