Dan Quinn says Falcons know the onside kick rules


Even though his players stood there stunned, as if they didn’t know what to do with the oddly spinning onside kick, Falcons coach Dan Quinn said they do, in fact, understand the rules that allowed them to recover it.

That may actually make it worse.

Via Stephen Hawkins of the Associated Press, Quinn said the situation has been covered in practice before.

“We’ve got to go capture it when the moment comes. . . . From where I saw, it was a slow roller and one that we should make the aggressive move to go get it,” Falcons coach Dan Quinn said.

When Greg Zuerlein‘s kick started slowly rolling their way, it appeared that wide receiver Olamide Zaccheaus, safety Sharrod Neasman, and tight end Hayden Hurst were waiting for the ball to go 10 yards. Then, Cowboys cornerback C.J. Goodwin ran around tight end Jaeden Graham to recover the ball.

“The front three are usually blocking as the high bouncers go to the second side, so the front line, generally on an onside kick, they’re looking to get a block first, then the high hop goes to the next player,” Quinn said. “So when that instance happens and it’s not one that’s a high hopper you transfer in and you go to your ball. . . . They definitely know the rule.”

If you give them the benefit of the doubt on that, it means the execution of the play was simply awful.

“We’ve just got to learn that we’ve got to attack that ball and things like,” said wide receiver Julio Jones, who was on the field, but not among those nearest the ball.

Moments later, Zuerlein hit the game-winning field goal for a 40-39 comeback, leaving the Falcons to wonder how it happened, and why.

11 responses to “Dan Quinn says Falcons know the onside kick rules

  1. As an Eagles fan the Falcons incompetence hurts almost as bad as our QB forgetting how to throw the ball in the second half of games.

    All they had to do was fall on the ball, game over.

  2. first the Super Bowl a few years ago and then yesterday’s game, i feel sorry for Falcons fans, they have seen 2 of the biggest horrific choke jobs, 1 in regular season and one in post season.
    How does Dan Quinn still have a job?

  3. I mean you already saw that Zeurlein wasn’t going to use a tee, so it would be a funky kick. What the heck did you say during the timeout you called right before the kick???

  4. Honestly pity Quinn. He’s had some success but is totally defined by blowing huge leads in the most embarrassing ways possible.

  5. Poor Falcon fans. First their monumental melt down in the Super Bowl (as a huge Brady fan, I thank you for that) and then another embarrassing bonehead melt down last night. Didn’t Quinn call a timeout to discuss the obviously coming onside kick? Did he not remind his players to aggressively get the ball? They knew the rule? Really? Then why were they all just standing there like lampposts watching the spinning ball without falling on it? Talk about the biggest choking team of all time. Good Lord these guys are lame. Bye-Bye Mr. Quinn. You just repeated the biggest choke of all time. First the Super Bowl, and now this? If I were Arthur Blank you’d be gone today! Enough already! Geesh!!!

  6. That performance merits some job losses in Atlanta. It’s no surprise the Falcons choked–they seem to always find a new way to do it.

  7. Re: They knew the rule.

    Okay. I guess they just didn’t feel like winning the game then. Sorry Dan. There just isn’t any good way to spin your team’s latest choke job.

  8. That kind of stupidity will get a coach fired quickly. I’m willing to bet Mr. Blanks took the coach out behind the woodshed (built by his company, the Home Depot) to discuss the matter.

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