Giants announce Saquon Barkley has torn ACL

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Giants running back Saquon Barkley suffered a torn ACL on Sunday.

The Giants announced today that an MRI confirmed what was feared yesterday. Barkley is almost certainly out for the season.

The injury is a major disappointment for the Giants, who saw Barkley as a huge part of their future when they chose him with the second overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft. Now Barkley’s season appears over after he gained just 34 yards on 19 carries in two games.

Barkley led the league in yards from scrimmage as a rookie, but he struggled with an ankle injury in his second season, and his third season is now over when it had barely started.

39 responses to “Giants announce Saquon Barkley has torn ACL

  1. Between this injury and the fact that “Danny Dimes” is an average QB at best, and the holes on the line, Giants are going to be bad for the next 5 years.

  2. i hate when a game changer back like barkley gets hurt before they get a chance at the big stage. The fans are the ultimate loser because we miss out on what can really be the most exciting performance in nfl football.

  3. That’s why you don’t use a top 5 pick on an RB. No matter how good they were in college, they’re going to get banged up in the pros. QB, OT, DE and your occasional rare WR or LB. But never a top 5 pick on a RB.

  4. That sucks. The first person he should talk to is AP. Too many devastating injuries only two weeks into the season. It’s a shame.

  5. One of the Good Guys in Pro Football.

    We will see you in 2021 Saquon – hopefully all healed up, and ready to go.

  6. Only have seen the tip of the iceberg with Barkley.
    Hope that this doesn’t end up derailing his career.

  7. I’m sad for Saquon, to have this happen before a contract extension is terrible luck. I hope he comes back to a line that can do something for him.

  8. Way too many players got hurt yesterday. I know injuries happen, but I think due to no training camp, no pre season, this is the aftermath. The position players bodies, just aren’t completely ready for the season.

  9. Go low ball the browns and bring odell home. The Judge won’t take his crap and god knows we need weapons so Jones can keep developing.

  10. Devastating week of injuries around the league. Will be interesting to see what happens with Freeman. Hope he can have realistic expectations of his value. He should’ve taken that deal with Seattle. Now he should know his market value is less than what the Bucs gave Fournette. Bilal Powell another interesting name to monitor.

  11. As a football fan I hate this. Nobody deserves to get injured like this. And it especially sucks to lose your best player & offensive focal point when your division is wide open like this

  12. Yet another example of why you do not pay too much for the running back position, and the best teams use running back by committee. Best wishes for Barkley to have a complete recovery.

  13. I hate the Giants with a red hot passion but this guy is top notch. Wish him the best and hope he comes back stronger. The league is better with him.

  14. supercharger says:

    That’s why you don’t use a top 5 pick on an RB. No matter how good they were in college, they’re going to get banged up in the pros. QB, OT, DE and your occasional rare WR or LB. But never a top 5 pick on a RB.

    I disagree with your theory………..what about Zeke, he was a top 5 pick.

  15. 50 big time injuries yesterday…I guess there is a reason for OTA’s and pre-season games.

  16. The good teams build a good offensive line so you can plug and play any decent RB and make them better. They don’t pick a RB at #2 and never allocate a high percentage of the salary cap to the RB position. Unfortunately for Giants fans, the Giants aren’t a good team, actually they are the worse team over the last 4 years at 12-38 (.240) and have the worse GM in the league. Funny how the 2 go together quite often.

  17. Could be worse, The Giants could have taken Baker “Regressive Progressive” Mayfield. He is a great kid and talent, hope he comes back strong like Tiki did.

  18. Love people giving up on Daniel Jones after 15 games. Would’ve given up on Favre and Brees too. Give the dude 3 years my god.

  19. I think we’re seeing the end of Barkley in NY. Yes the NYG failed him in providing a good O-Line. And teams were egregiously selling out to stop the run. But for whatever reason this man does not stay healthy & teams no longer commit long-term money to broken RB’s. See: Todd Gurley. The man running this roster needs to be fired immediately.

  20. This is a horrible tragedy for this kid. Not only is he a great player, he is a great person. Wish him the best in getting healthy.

  21. He’s a dam good back but with the way this league is he probably won’t get a big contract from the giants they will draft his replacement next year

  22. Gonna make it tough on Saquon next year. Year 4 is when the elite running backs have been getting paid lately and I am guessing the Giants won’t do that coming off of a torn ACL.

    I wish Barkley all the best but was not a smart pick for a team with not much else to build around though.

  23. That’s a shame. Barkely is one of the most fun RB’s to watch, so it’s a loss for the game.
    I was afraid that injuries would be way up this year due to no practice time and pre-season, and it looks like that is happening.

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