Harrison Butker was cool, hitting game-winner three times

Getty Images

It was impressive enough for Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker to hit a game-winning field goal in overtime. To hit it three times was almost overkill.

Butker was unfazed by it, coolly making all three, despite a penalty on the first attempt, and a timeout which came just before the second.

Definitely the hardest situation I’ve ever been put in,” Butker said, via Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America. “But what gave me a little confidence is how we practice. In practice, I have to hit eight to 10 long field goals, like 54, 63, 65, 58. So some kickers, maybe their leg would get tired kicking three long ones in a row like that.

“So I lined up for the 53-yarder, and I figured they might call a timeout. But I don’t hear a whistle, and I kicked. Then there’s a flag and we go back five yards. I smashed that one—knew it was good. I figured, let me make this thing and let’s get out of here. But then I saw they called time. And I just did it again.”

Butker hadn’t hit a field goal from beyond 58 previously in his career, but he casually added that he was comfortable in SoFi Stadium.

“I kicked one from 67 pre-game, and then 70 at halftime,” he mentioned. “This is definitely the coolest stadium I’ve played in. Absolutely beautiful.”

So was his performance, as if the Chiefs needed one more way to beat you.