Matt Nagy says Bears are “just OK right now”

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There are 10 2-0 teams ahead of Monday night’s game between the Saints and Raiders, including the Chicago Bears.

The Bears followed up their Week One comeback against the Lions by holding on to beat the Giants 17-13 after taking a 17-0 lead into the half. Their four possessions in the second half ended with two interceptions, a missed field goal and a punt, which left the door open for the Saquon Barkley-less Giants to try for a win.

New York’s effort fell short, but the fact that the game was up for grabs is one of the reasons why Bears head coach Matt Nagy wasn’t in a total celebration mood after the win gave the Bears their first 2-0 record since 2013.

“I would say we’re just OK right now,” Nagy said, via Jason Lieser of the Chicago Sun-Times. “I think we expect a little better. . . . I don’t want to take away from the fact that we’re 2-0 right now. We are 2-0, but what’s great about that is we know, in a lot of areas, we can get a lot better.”

A trip to Atlanta to face an 0-2 Falcons that wasn’t able to hold off a comeback by their NFC East opponent is on deck for the Bears. Given the opposition, another win may not blow anyone’s socks off but it certainly beats the alternative.

8 responses to “Matt Nagy says Bears are “just OK right now”

  1. Lots of teams play the Giants and think they’re OK. News flash … they’re not. The Giants just stink. Next week the 49ers will feel good about themselves.

  2. The most unwatchable 2-0 team ever.
    Can someone pull a stat or least YAC by a team past 18 games?
    Every catch is on a sideline or immediate tackle.

  3. I thought Nagy was going to say “it’s a process”.

    Trubisky’s picks weren’t that blatant. Tight coverage but he made some solid tosses in similar coverage in the first half.

  4. Khalil Mack has 12 pressures, 2nd most for all edge rushers in the NFL behind Myles Garrett.

    But I thought the Bears got fleeced.

  5. Jackson got a pick-6 called back on a play where he just got there a step too early. Trubisky’s INT on the sideline was a ball the receiver should have had. All in all, I think they’re moving in the right direction. Good to see after last year’s befuddling season.

  6. Bears look like they’re headed in the right direction. Can’t wait to see the Raiders get spanked by the Saints tonight and listen the Lions/Raiders band wagon joe t fan cry.

  7. jpiro says:
    September 21, 2020 at 3:54 pm
    Jackson got a pick-6 called back on a play where he just got there a step too early.

    It was a great display of instincts by Jackson to jump the throw, and an even better return to take it to the house. Thank you for recognizing and admitting that he clearly got there early and went through the receiver to make the interception.

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