Blake Bortles’ return makes it even more likely that Colin Kaepernick won’t

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Once upon a time, the signing by an NFL team of a so-so free-agent quarterback would spark a debate regarding the failure of the team to consider Colin Kaepernick. After three years of it, the question isn’t even asked.

It’s over. It’s done. If is wasn’t already clear before the Broncos signed Blake Bortles before giving Colin Kaepernick fair consideration, it is now.

Said Broncos coach Vic Fangio on Monday, when asked about Kaepernick: “His name hasn’t come up in the brief discussions I’ve had with [G.M.] John [Elway] at this point. I’m sure John and [V.P. of player personnel] Matt [Russell] will work hard to bring someone in here who they think will be the best fit.”

Blake Bortles, the man Chris Simms has said wasn’t put on earth to throw a football, was regarded as a better fit.

Why not bring in both for a workout and offer a job to the better of the two? Still lost in the NFL’s effort to explain away Kaepernick’s shunning by claiming that the league tried to set up a workout last year for Kaepernick is the fact that every team has had the ability to bring Kaepernick in for a workout since he became a free agent in March 2017, and that none has done so. (The Seahawks invited him only for a visit.)

So it’s over. It’s done. The NFL successfully has run out the clock. The fact that Blake Bortles has a job with an NFL team and that Kaepernick didn’t even get a phone call from the Broncos underscores that reality.

And as to those who continue to insist that Kaepernick wants too much money or insists on a starting job or doesn’t really want to play, why do the NFL’s 32 franchises continue to refuse to call his bluff? If any of these narratives are true, the best way to find out is to offer him a workout, a minimum-salary contract, whatever, and see what he says.

30 responses to “Blake Bortles’ return makes it even more likely that Colin Kaepernick won’t

  1. Add him to the list of quarterbacks drafted by the Jags who were signed in favor of Kaepernick. Also, how do we know for sure he didn’t get a call? For all we know he let it go to voicemail and never even listened to it. Sorry, but I don’t exactly associate a fire to play football with Colin Kaepernick. You’re right, though. It’s over. It’s done.

  2. Here’s why Kaepernick isn’t getting any calls:

    The kneeling
    The pig socks
    The Castro t-shirt
    The Malcolm X hat
    The rant against Thanksgiving
    The rant against Independence Day
    The never ending attacks against everything American

  3. Does anyone know what Kaep has told teams regarding salary and whether he’s genuinely convinced any that he really wants a chance? The optics of sitting on the bench, or even worse, getting a chance to play and not playing well, will severely damage the well-crafted social justice martyr he and his reps have crafted the last 3 years. He’s a smart guy and he knows that. Never playing again will 100% improve his social “worth” and probably his financial, too. Can’t say I blame him either. Play the long game and capitalize on the opportunity even though it’s not what he intended originally.

  4. Satan says: Here’s why…

    The raping
    The child abuse
    The domestic abuse
    The rampant drug use
    The cheating

    All of these players are allowed back. Don’t even try to tell me sock selection is worse

  5. In his grievance against the NFL they used the Broncos wanting him to take a pay cut in 2016 as an example. They deposed John Elway as part of it. They seem to have focused on the pay cut part and ignored the chance to start for the then defending Super Bowl champions. I’m sure they also ignored the Broncos getting Peyton Manning to take a pay cut the year before.

  6. I would have loved to see Kaep play again just from a curiosity standpoint. He did not make a real effort to get back in the league. The league dedicated an entire tryout just for him and he backed out the day before. He prefers the what-if narrative. If he had truly wanted to work his way into a job it would have happened

  7. There are no narratives. Kaepernick entered in the thick of politics and racial tension in America and there are few issues that divide people more. He turned himself into an pariah.

    Not good enough as a starter to help a bad team win and not enough value as a backup to tolerate the controversy. There just is no reason to bring in someone with his profile and drive away fans just so he can hold a clipboard.

  8. “Blake Bortles, the man Chris Simms has said wasn’t put on earth to throw a football, was regarded as a better fit.”

    Bortles has a better completion %, better average yards, better TD/INT ratio, better QBR, etc than Chris Simms. If Bortles wasn’t put on earth to throw a football, what does that mean for someone like Simms who had WORSE career stats?

  9. If he really loved football, he would have played in the AAF and the XFL. Or the Canadian League. He had the chance to do all of these. To get playing time and put up some film. And he turned them all down.

    Not to mention he VOLUNTARILY opted out of his contract with the 9ers.

    I don’t care if San Fran says he would’ve been cut. The fact that he chose to walk away says he is not willing to accept any job offered to him.

    I will not shed one tear for him.

  10. A Malcom X hat is bad? Judas RACISTS really have come outta the closet these days.
    If you believe Bortles is better then Kaepernick, you’re a fool.
    The NFLs whole workout deal was a sham.
    Pig socks, lmao….my daughter still has hers and we bought them at Kmart WAY BEFORE Kaepernick ever wore them. It wasn’t some pair of socks he had specially made. I’d pay money to watch a qb contest right now between Bortles and Kaepernick. It would be hilarious.

  11. why do the NFL’s 32 franchises continue to refuse to call his bluff?
    The Ravens did….he folded.

  12. Probably because he wouldn’t take an incentive based contract like Cam Newton. Prove it by taking less and then we can talk. Until then, there are cheaper options

  13. Correct me if Im wrong, but didnt this same Broncos team with the same GM try to sign CK after his time with the 9ers ended offering him aroud $12 million but CK required something in the 16 – 18 million range?

  14. Employers in general don’t re-hire employees they had to settle a legal dispute with, would you?

  15. it has been done for a while. When the Texans brought in Brandon Weeden to back up Deshaun Watson a while back, the writing was clearly on the wall.

  16. He couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn when he last played. When will the talking heads get over the fact that he just wasn’t that good.

  17. Colin Kaepernick will never play another down in the NFL. When a team contacts him, what kind of money does he want? Must that team make him a starter till the end of the season regardless of his performance? What happens if he plays poorly? (which every QB does, including HOFers.) He is someone, who only benefits from not playing. Everything written in the past 4 years goes down the drain if he has just one bad game and ‘I told you so’ people come out… Would he accept Blake Bortles deal? Cam Newton’s deal?

  18. I think Kaepernick is a lot like Jose Canseco.
    Unhappy that no team wants him, so he stirs up problems out of spite.

  19. He passed on signing with the Broncos who were defending Super Bowl champs with what at that time looked like a defense which could keep them in the hunt for years to come. Nobody serious about the game passes up a deal like that. And in the past 4 years how many workouts has he done? There was the NFL-sponsored one and he was seen from a distance working out a couple other times but he sure hasn’t been blowing up social media with his workout exploits which is what you’d expect from a guy desperate to play again.

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