NFLPA is “standing behind” 49ers’ criticism of MetLife Stadium turf

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When it comes to the playing surface at MetLife Stadium, the league says all is well. The union says, “Not so fast.”

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reports that the NFL Players Association is “endorsing a thorough investigation of whether the surface may have been improperly certified” for Sunday’s 49ers-Jets game.

“We are very concerned about it being a serious health and safety issue for players — and turf continuing to be a health and safety issue in general,” an unnamed union source told Robinson.

As noted yesterday, the league’s knee-jerk reliance on the standard field-certification processes overlooks the reality that those same processes have been used for years, and that on occasions fields have been less than ideal.

“Even if the turf passed the minimum safety inspection last week, that doesn’t mean the surface is necessarily a safe one,” the source told Robinson. “So we’ll see what the outcome is when they look at it again more closely this week.”

Again, what’s the harm in conducting a careful and deliberate inspection of the playing surface? If it’s fine, it’s fine. If it’s not, it’s better to know it before another rash of injuries, especially since the 49ers play there again on Sunday.

13 responses to “NFLPA is “standing behind” 49ers’ criticism of MetLife Stadium turf

  1. What’s going on over in Jets land? The team looks the worst in the league. And now their stadium is suspect as well?

  2. A minimum passing grade is a C-. Is the league office really content with the minimum?

  3. Balsagna says:
    September 22, 2020 at 12:53 pm
    It also seems to be self aware and targeting only 49ers players
    seriously. giants/steelers had no issues w/ it in week 1. what gives?

  4. If I were Kyle Shannahan i’d be firing my strength and conditioning coach instead of complaining about the turf at Met-Life field considering no other team that’s played on it this year has complained about it. Yet on the other hand SF’s players are CONSTANTLY getting injured, it’s so bad 49ers fans joke that Levi Stadium must of been built on a cursed Indian burial ground or something. Given how many players are constantly dealing with injuries on the 9ers squad i’d start by bringing in a new strength and conditioning coach.

  5. Has someone asked the other players what they think about the turf? If the players don’t feel comfortable playing on the turf, what else is there to talk about? Change it.

  6. Figures that Shanahan would complain about the turf, he should just worry about wearing a mask which he probably feels is beneath his arrogance to do so.

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