Deion Sanders denies report about coaching staff


It remains to be seen if Deion Sanders can coach.

But he can at least attract Hall of Fame talent to help him try.

According to Joe Cook of WAPT, the new Jackson State head coach has hired a couple of fellow Hall of Famers to his staff, hiring Terrell Owens as his wide receivers coach and Warren Sapp as his defensive line coach.

He’s also hiring Jason Phillips as offensive coordinator, Dennis Thurman as defensive coordinator, Mario Edwards Sr. as defensive backs coach.

He said his staff has been together for months, and is already meeting. He added that they had 84 years of combined NFL playing and coaching experience.

So everybody can stop texting, calling, tweeting, DMing, trying to get your nephew, uncle, cousin a job, because it’s already done,” Sanders said during his press conference.

Again, it’s impossible to know at this point whether the experiment will work. But as he proved throughout his career, Sanders can at least put on a show which will be worth watching.

UPDATE 2:27 p.m. ET: Sanders denies the report, calling it “ABSOLUTELY WRONG.”

19 responses to “Deion Sanders denies report about coaching staff

  1. Deion Sanders, Warren Sapp & Terrell Owens should be wonderful leaders & role models for college youth (sarcasm).

  2. LOL….they are going to start calling Drama State University. Too bad PFT is only “Pro” football, there’s going to be some great stories coming out on this.

  3. There will obviously be a lot of silly comments about these developments, but I would send my kid there to be coached by those guys all day.

  4. Even before the denial this sounded highly unlikely. This is Jackson State, not Clemson or Alabama, and these guys aren’t going to work for free.

  5. NONE of them have coaching experience but yeah this is a good idea lol. Wow just because you played in the NFL doesn’t mean you could even do good as a high school HC. I seen them getting out coached Everytime out. Poor role models will do good at recruiting but as Dallas has shown TALENT doesn’t = Wins!

  6. People giving Deion flack on creating a Staff? Give him a break, he’s at one of the poorest institutions in America, yet he still wants to make a difference in these kids’ life.. Sorry he wasn’t given a D1 job like your favorite Head Coach was..

  7. I hope its all true….would love to see TO and Sapp coaching…come on, this would be great.

  8. I hope all theses head cases realize the you people that will play for them have dreams of making it to the NFL. This could go badly … but I’ll keep positive and hope for the best.

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