Andy Reid: Patrick Mahomes and Brett Favre have the same mental approach

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid was an assistant coach in Green Bay for Brett Favre’s first seven years with the Packers, and Reid says he sees a lot of Favre in Patrick Mahomes.

Reid said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that when Mahomes rolled out and threw a beautiful deep ball to Tyreek Hill for a touchdown in Sunday’s win over the Chargers, it was a reminder of the way Favre played the game: Improvising, looking to make a big play, and confident in his arm.

“They think alike when that football’s in their hand. It’s the same thought process. They both have phenomenal vision, like fighter pilot vision. They see everything. And then they’re going to rip your heart out. Every throw they’re going to gut you,” Reid said.

Favre is one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history, but Mahomes has accomplished so much already in his brief career that it’s easy to picture him having an even greater career than Favre. Reid knows he’s been lucky to coach both of them.

19 responses to “Andy Reid: Patrick Mahomes and Brett Favre have the same mental approach

  1. I love Brett Favre, but for Mahomes sake, I hope he knows what a nickel defense is – of course he could always ask Ty Detmer…

  2. Hopefully, he will throw a few picks like Farve against the Ravens Monday night.

    Btw, Ravens 38, Chiefs 19.

  3. But with less interceptions so far. I just wish they’d turn it on in the first quarter. Mahomes looked like he was getting pissed by the end of the first half. You could tell he was getting tired of it.

  4. He is already tied in the most important stat of all-Super Bowl wins. Only 5 more to catch Mr. Brady and 6 to tie Otto Graham for most professional titles. Will be interesting to see how many he can get. It’s the ultimate team game, but with Mahomes you know you are always in the game.

  5. Wouldn’t it be great to get to coach them both? Favre would still be playing under the current rules protecting QBs.

  6. If he plays a good number of years, Mahomes will prove to be a better QB.
    But Favre put a franchise back on the map, was the major factor in getting a new stadium built, and made a lot of money for the networks who wanted to showcase his games.

  7. @ milkcan44

    The Chiefs were an afterthought to the rest of the league for the longest time, accented best by the time I went to a.home game against Pittsburgh and there were more Steelers fans at Arrowhead than Chiefs. Mahomes is doing exactly what Favre did for GB,minus the sloppy INTs and decisions.

  8. I hate the comparison.
    Mahomes is infinitely classier, and already twice the QB Favre ever was.
    Even as a Pats’ fan, I have no qualms about saying that Mahomes is the best in the league now, and probably will be for quite some time. Good leader, even-keeled, insanely talented. . .what’s not to like about the kid except that he doesn’t play for NE?
    Favre is an overrated dork.

  9. So in 5 years Mahomes will hint at retiring, then force the Chiefs to trade him and eventually come back to play for the Raiders.

  10. and hopefully the Chiefs can keep a strong offense and defense around him, so Mahomes won’t feel compelled to force situations to win, which is the only reason Favre had as many interceptions as he did. Favre’s only crime was trying to win every single game no matter what in any way possible. Warrior to the end.

  11. The beating Favre took in the NFC Championship vs. the Saints when playing for the Vikings is the worst I’ve ever seen for a QB (the Bounty game – thanks Gregg Williams). People forget that when they talk about his OT interception. He was old by then and still hanging in there far longer than anyone could have expected. They should show that film to today’s QBs — looking at you, Kirk Cousins — when discussing mental toughness.

  12. I think Favre was more of a gun slinger. Mahomes is more athletic and multidimensional.

  13. Is a comparison to Favre’s mentality a euphemism for “he’s dumb as a stump”

    I’m sort of joking. When Favre was in GB with Reid, there is the story about Favre throwing a TD pass across the field from his back foot and Reid grabbed Hasselbeck (then a GB backup) and said, “Did you see that? Don’t ever try to do that!”

    Favre is a legend, but I don’t see a comparison to him as a compliment. Mahomes has never been as reckless with the ball as Favre was. Beyond arm strength, I don’t get the sense the two have much in common.

  14. I can see the arm strength comparison, not so much the vision though. Farve had 1-3 “what is he doing?!?” throws a game minimum.

  15. This is the way it always goes. When something is new, the sky is the limit. All everyone sees is the maximum potential.

    I see guys saying things like, “only 5 more to go to catch Brady”. Time will show us, as it always does, how hard that actually is.

    Remember when Wilson and the Seahawks had “dynasty” written all over them? 7 years and counting since their Super Bowl win.

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