Anthony Lynn confirms Justin Herbert will start this week

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Tyrod Taylor is recovering from a punctured lung, so there hasn’t much sense that he will be starting at quarterback for the Chargers when they face the Panthers on Sunday.

Head coach Anthony Lynn ended what little suspense there may have been at his Wednesday press conference. Lynn said that first-round pick Justin Herbert will start for the second straight week. Easton Stick is the third quarterback on the roster and is the likely backup for this week.

Herbert was thrown into the lineup at the last minute last week because the Chargers team doctor punctured Taylor’s lung while trying to deliver a painkilling injection. Lynn said that Taylor was playing with cracked ribs that he suffered early in the team’s Week One win over the Bengals.

Lynn said it was “unfortunate” that Taylor’s injection did not go as planned, but added that he’s “not angry” because he knows it was not done intentionally. He also said that Taylor has been “real professional” about the situation and that injured reserve isn’t a consideration for the quarterback at this point.

Earlier this week, Lynn said Taylor would be the starter once he’s 100 percent and said on Wednesday that you don’t want to see a player lose his job this way. Whether that’s a possibility will have a lot to do with how Herbert does on Sunday and in any other starts that may come his way before Taylor is cleared to return.

14 responses to “Anthony Lynn confirms Justin Herbert will start this week

  1. I remember when Tyrod got knocked out of the game against the jets when he was in Cleveland. Baker Mayfield came in and has never came out. I have a feeling this extremely unfortunate incident will have Herbert stay as the starter.

  2. Where were the pain killers the times I had cracked ribs. I couldn’t cough, sneeze, burp, or laugh due to the pain. Must be nice to be a multi-million-dollar man with team doctors.

  3. I agree that he shouldn’t lose his starting job this way. Injury is one thing, but this one’s on the team. Lynn has to secretly be hoping that Herbert has a mediocre game – good enough that they have a chance to win, but bad enough that the fans and media aren’t screaming at him to bench Tyrod.

  4. I wanna see someone named “Easton Stick” starting, just because it sounds like a henchman from a James Bond film.

  5. He’s here to start. I doubt they go backwards and hand the reigns back to Tyrod. Tyrod’s injury honestly probably saved Lynn’s on his job at this point seeing as he was going to start Tyrod over Herbert.

  6. Was Tyrod on the Team’s Injury Report all last week? I don’t remember that. Wouldn’t ‘broken ribs’ be a reportable injury? Hmmmmm.

  7. Tough spot for Lynn to be in. I’m sure he wants to do right by Taylor especially because it was the team doctors who did it. But, he’s on the hot seat. Doubt he will put Taylor back in if Herbert is playing well.

  8. Herberts debut reminds me of when John Cena debated in WWE. Cena lost to Angle who at the time was a top dog (Mahomes) but Cena went on to have a stellar career. Hope we see the same for Herbert

  9. The dilemma that coach Lynn was facing:
    be loyal to Tyrod and start him had he been cleared to play, or be loyal to the team and the fans, and start Herbert based on the performance he showed.

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