N’Keal Harry: Quandre Diggs reached out, helmet-to-helmet hit was unintentional

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Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs was ejected for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Patriots wide receiver N'Keal Harry on Sunday, but there’s no personal animosity between the two players.

Harry said Diggs contacted him to say he wasn’t trying to target his head, and Harry had no hard feelings.

“He made it clear he was not trying to hurt me,” Harry said, via NBC Sports Northwest. “It was not intentional. When it happened, I did not think it was intentional. I know out on the field stuff happens super, super quickly. I never felt like it was intentional. It was just one of those football plays. I had already kind of figured he wasn’t trying to do that. Him reaching out definitely meant a lot in the same regard.”

Diggs wrote on Twitter that he never intends to hurt anyone. Diggs is expected to be fined but not suspended for the hit.

6 responses to “N’Keal Harry: Quandre Diggs reached out, helmet-to-helmet hit was unintentional

  1. I would tend to believe Diggs, mainly because it’s the first instance of any kind of hit like this from him in his career, and the fact it was a bang bang play, it happened so fast, i am not sure there was any malice in it.

    Add to that the contrite nature of reaching out to Harry to apologise, tells me that yes he meant to hit him hard, but not in a dirty manner at all.

  2. It didn’t look intentional, and for that matter, I’m not sure it warranted getting tossed from the game. It would be better if they had degrees of the foul, kind of like a in basketball. Give some discretion for instances like these that maybe don’t warrant getting ejected.

  3. Good on Diggs for reaching out but I am glad he was ejected from the game.

    It may not be popular but if you want to get rid of helmet to helmet hits ejections will be necessary regardless of perceived intention. If the refs are trying to call the play based on perceived intention then in the long run they will just be punishing the outcome and not the action.

  4. I’m a Hawks fan. Drunk drivers don’t intend to hurt anyone either. But when you make bad decisions like leading with the crown and going helmet to helmet, people are going to get hurt. Good on the league for taking these hits seriously.

  5. Intentional or not…his technique put him in a position of a helmet to helmet hit. That’s the problem. Not whether it’s intentional or not.

  6. One day, the NFL will get serious about preventing injuries and re-thing the whole “motorcycle helmet” thing. Sure, they’re “bitchin’ cool” with the logo and everything, but they make tacklers feel invulnerable and are a terrible weapon. Either switch to a soft substance or get rid of them altogether.

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