Ryan Tannehill has won over his teammates with his toughness


Ryan Tannehill spotted Adam Humphries running free just as Josh Allen was getting ready to unload on the Titans quarterback. Tannehill steeled himself for the hit as he released the ball, knowing he had a touchdown.

“And One,” Tannehill yelled before Humphries even secured the 18-yard touchdown pass. Tannehill, of course, was referring to a foul on a made shot in basketball.

That was bad ass,” Titans left tackle Taylor Lewan said of Tannehill’s reaction, via Jim Wyatt of the team website. “That was cool. I was right there, and I didn’t watch Hump score. I watched Tannehill and his reaction, and he was kind of looking, looking and gave the ‘And One.’ It was solid, man. It was pretty cool. We have a lot of confidence in Ryan, and Ryan has a lot of confidence in us the way he stands on the pocket.”

Guard Rodger Saffold let the media in on Tannehill’s reaction after Sunday’s victory over the Jaguars. Tannehill downplayed it Wednesday, saying he was “just out there having fun.”

“I don’t really do it for a reaction or anything,” Tannehill said. “It’s just me being myself, trying to lead, and having fun and making plays. And I’m going to continue to do that.”

Tannehill has won over his teammates with his toughness.

“Tannehill is as tough as they come, man,” Lewan said.

5 responses to “Ryan Tannehill has won over his teammates with his toughness

  1. I am so happy for him. He needed to get away from the miami drama where he had no front line and horrible coaches.

  2. Dolphins Fan here, really happy for Tannehill… Feel like he might play the Dolphins in the playoffs eventually…

  3. This guy has come full circle. Maybe he wasn’t the problem in Miami after all even though he shouldered much of the blame.

  4. It’s pretty funny that Adam Gase was hired by Miami to “fix” Tannehill. Tannehill looks more like a career back up so Miami fires Gase. Gase gets hired by the Jets to get San Darnold to the next step. Tannehill goes to Tennessee and under a new coach and OC he has been playing lights out and gets a new big contract. Darnold, under Gase, has taken 3 steps backwards and is seeing ghosts. Not sure who or whom labeled Adam Gase a “QB whisper”, Especially since his resume only reads, “held a clipboard for Peyton Manning”.

  5. I gotta give Tannehill credit. The guy has simply been one of the best quarterbacks in the league since he signed with Tennessee.
    What a crazy thing. I’m a fan of an nfc east team. But I saw Tannehill plenty at miami. The guy had good games but he’s been phenomenal since he got to the titans. That’s a great Football story. Never give up on your dreams.

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