Seahawks pleased with Brian Schottenheimer move upstairs to coaches’ booth

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For his first two seasons as offensive coordinator in Seattle, Brian Schottenheimer coaches from the sidelines during games. But ahead of the 2020 season, Schottenheimer and head coach Pete Carroll discussed the possibility of Schottenheimer moving upstairs to call games from the booth instead.

After testing it out during two mock game scrimmages at CenturyLink Field in August, Schottenheimer has called the first two games from the booth. With Seattle averaging over 400 yards of offenses and 36.5 points per game through two weeks, the move is here to stay.

“I think that Coach Schotty is doing an unbelievable job of calling plays,” quarterback Russell Wilson said after the win over the Patriots. “We’re mixing the ball up in terms of who is catching it, who is touching it, in terms of the running game and everything else.

Carroll said aspects such as being able to more quickly see where the ball is being spotted after a play, the substitution packages coming in and out of the game and the higher vantage point to view the game are some of the benefits to having Schottenheimer upstairs.

“He feels he is in great command of what’s going on,” Carroll said on Monday.

“He’s really comfortable with it and obviously it’s working out well. He and Russ are really hitting on all cylinders and so it’s a great start to that transition.”

Wilson has completed 52 of 63 passes for 610 yards with nine touchdowns and an interception through the first two starts of the season. Seattle followed up a 38-point day against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 1 with 35 points against a well-regarded Patriots Defense in Week 2.

Schottenheimer said last week that he felt more comfortable being upstairs now than he would have been a few years ago. Until the 2016 season, coaches in the booth couldn’t communicate directly with the quarterback on the field. With that impediment removed, it’s made going upstairs a more appealing possibility.

“It’s something I thought about for the last couple years because you certainly see things so much better from up there,” Schottenheimer said. “You’re able to see the defensive adjustments and see the play unfold and kind of almost anticipate more what they’re doing. So something that we talked about and just with where we are with Russ and my confidence level with him and his understanding with the system it kind of became a no-brainer.”

7 responses to “Seahawks pleased with Brian Schottenheimer move upstairs to coaches’ booth

  1. Seahawks thankful that Schottenheimer did not inherit his old man’s offensive mindset of “Run The Ball And Kick Field Goals.”

  2. At least he wont have to worry about being fined for not wearing a mask/covering hahaha.

    But no seriously, I am surprised more don’t do this, sitting up higher gives a better vantage point and can see things that you might not be able to see at ground level. Smart move.

  3. Brian Schottenheimer came to Seattle with a bad reputation as a play caller. Other than his first year where it was very run heavy and either him or Carroll ran them out of hte playoffs against a loaded boxes against the Cowboys he was the change the Seahawks needed.

    Schottenheimer has taken Wilson to the next level. Wilson’s football is much improved, rather than looping back for big play scramble or 20 yard sack Wilson navigates the pocket and throws dimes. The playcalls to isolote Metcalf and Lockett or have other TE/WR’s running wide open is greaet to see. The run game is very creative compared to the Cable/Bevell which itself was a good run offense. This year they finally have the pace I have been dying to see.

  4. panthrobro says:
    September 23, 2020 at 1:38 am

    Definitely better than the Bevell Cable combo


    You mean the same Bevell/Cable combo that took them to two Super owls and won one?

  5. I haven’t been a Schotty fan in the past. These first two games are changing my mind. I hope letting Russ Cook over a season will change my mind. GO HAWKS!

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