Sean Payton: I get caught up in the game and forget about the mask

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Sean Payton had a black gaiter around his neck Monday night. The Saints coach just didn’t pull it up over his face enough to satisfy the league.

The NFL fined him $100,000 and the Saints $250,000. Payton was one of five head coaches the NFL cited for not wearing a face covering enough in Week Two.

“I’ve just gotta do a better job when we’re not on offense,” Payton said Wednesday, via Amie Just of “It’s OK if you’re pulling it down while you’re calling plays but what happens is I get caught up in the game and half the time forget that it’s down, so I’ve just gotta be more diligent with it.”

Payton wore a black gaiter with Breonna Taylor’s name on it in Week One. He had the Saints’ fleur-de-lis logo on his Week Two face covering.

Payton indicated he might try something besides a gaiter for Week Three.

“It’s something we’re just going to have to remind ourselves to do, maybe change the type of mask you’re wearing because it’s easier, I think, if you have the gaiter on to lose track that it sits around your neck,” Payton said.

15 responses to “Sean Payton: I get caught up in the game and forget about the mask

  1. Sure he did. Hopefully next time they play against the Bucs, the Bucs win in a blowout and run up the score on purpose.

  2. Payton was reminded several times during the game by his assistants about the mask mandate. He ignored their warnings. He is no different than the athletes he coaches. The rules don’t apply to them.

  3. Maybe just give the team a 15 yard bench peanlty for the coach not wearing a mast and he magically remembers to wear his mask.

  4. I’m mystified as to why coaches feel like they have to pull the masks down to call plays or talk to people. I’m teaching 4 hours a day with a mask on. The kids in the back of the room 25′ away can hear me just fine. I’m sure that without crowd noise, coaches can be heard too. Whether they need masks is a separate discussion but was long as they are required, just leave em on and speak up.

  5. Hey Sean, remember that time you got caught up in the game and blew out your knee like a major dweeb on national tv? Pay attention. Be an adult. Wear your mask. Just because you already had COVID doesn’t mean you get to act a fool on tv.

  6. “ Payton indicated he might try something besides a gaiter for Week Three.”

    He may want to try something besides poor play calling. I believe Drew’s arm strength has diminished so much that it’s affecting his accuracy. Defenses are going to play closer and closer to line of scrimmage if the deep ball isn’t a threat. The bottom line is there are several problems. The secondary can’t stop grabbing and causing PI.

    Here’s one question that I can’t stop thinking about when the Saints are playing offense. Why isn’t Taysom Hill on the field for every offensive snap? He’s a threat to the defense. Whether he’s a decoy or touching the ball, he’s a threat!

    Payton has all the tools but he isn’t using them to execute.

  7. They always put their play cards in front of their face on every call so it seems the mask is something they would want to wear to hide their mouths.

  8. Umm, coaches can’t talk thru a piece of fabric the thickness of a t-shirt? That’s some real weak excuse-making.

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