Cam Robinson ejected for contact with an official

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Things are not going well for the Jaguars.

Not only are they behind 28-7, but they have lost their left tackle.

Officials ejected Cam Robinson with 4:04 remaining in the third quarter. FOX rules analyst Mike Pereira questioned the ejection.

Robinson was in the bottom of a pile after Kyle Van Noy forced a Gardner Minshew fumble on a sack. Robinson first shoved the arm of Dolphins cornerback Jamal Perry and then appeared to inadvertently shove the arm of an official, not knowing it was down judge Danny Short.

Robinson was incredulous when they announced his ejection. Will Richardson replaced him.

The Dolphins used the short field for their fourth touchdown, with Ryan Fitzpatrick getting the final yard in a four-play, 5-yard touchdown drive.

8 responses to “Cam Robinson ejected for contact with an official

  1. Completely deserved.

    He first pushed the Down Judge #113’s head away, then shoved the Dolphin defender and DJ’s arm away. For good measure, he then knocks ref #103 down as he pushes him off, as you can see the overhead shot that #103 was looking for the ball and leaning on his left arm that Robinson also knocks off.

    Seriously, Troy Aikman is so committed to his point of views that he won’t admit he made the wrong initial call upon further review.

  2. That call was ridiculous. The guy had no idea the ref was yanking on him in the pile. That shouldn’t of been called.

  3. Pathetic call by the refs!!!! This is awful officiating!! It’s one thing if Robinson shoved him standing up, he’s in the ground trying to get up, not wanting any help getting up and the refs are hovering over him hands in his way. He likely thought it was a player and he’s shoving who he thinks are players away to get up. The refs even throwing a flag on that is ridiculous. The refs that called this ejection should be fined heavy

  4. The refs are yelling, and these days there’s no excuse for not hearing them. Players are taught to move off the pile when the ref taps them. If you have a hand free, then it’s not on the ball, so get up. (Or look around and get up – don’t shove!)

  5. He should be severely reprimanded by the league. At least a two-game rip. Can’t have that blatant behavior towards officials. Troy Aikman should be ashamed of his foolish remarks.

  6. Yeah I didn’t like this one a whole bunch, he didn’t see who was on top/grabbing. Wasn’t intentional at all. I also thought he recovered the ball as well at first glimpse. I would hate to be at the bottom of those piles.

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