Falcons coach agrees with owner, onside kick gaffe shouldn’t happen again

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Falcons coach Dan Quinn was immediately defiant, insisting his players knew the rules of onside kick recovery — despite looking to the world like they did not.

So when Falcons owner Arthur Blank chimed in to say that didn’t appear to be the case, it became clear the boss and his coach weren’t singing from the same page of the hymnal.

“And clearly on the last play of the game yesterday our players, you know, didn’t do what they, you know, either what they were instructed to do and they didn’t understand it, or, it’s clear though they didn’t, in my view, they didn’t clearly understand what the rules were and exactly what they had to do,” Blank said in the aftermath of the stunning loss to the Cowboys. “I think that’s demonstrated when you watch the video of it.”

Wednesday, Quinn tried to bring those perspectives in line.

Bottom line, it was an unconventional play,” Quinn said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “Those cause you to hesitate, whether it’s a misdirection play or a trick play that causes you not to trust your eyes and what you are seeing.

“Although, however it comes out and how Arthur and I disagreed about how to talk about it, the one thing we 100 percent agree upon is that it should not have ever happened. We certainly worked through that to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.”

Even someone unfamiliar with the sport would watch the video of the play — which included three Falcons backing away from a ball they should have recovered — and wondered what they were doing. And Quinn’s job security as coach wouldn’t necessarily be enhanced by disagreeing with the guy who signs the checks, explaining his emphasis on making sure they’re not in that situation again.

23 responses to “Falcons coach agrees with owner, onside kick gaffe shouldn’t happen again

  1. AGAIN? That it happened once is a fireable offense. Quinn has been a laughing stock for awhile. Now Blank is too.

  2. Quin making excuses. His players just stared at the ball and seemed afraid to touch it unless it was at the 10 yards point. It was kinda funny as growing up we drilled for those plays in High School. I guess the pro’s in Atlanta doesn’t feel that it’s necessary.

  3. It should not have happened in the first place.

    Know the rules and pounch on the darn ball.

    Grasping Defeat out of the jaws of Victory.


  4. Belichick might have his players practice it 328 times, having his team all the more prepared than his opponent’s

  5. “Quinn has been a laughing stock for awhile. Now Blank is too.”

    Blank has been a laughingstock ever since he and his wife started dancing on the sideline in the 3rd quarter of the Super Bowl

  6. Who ever number 57 was who did not jump on the ball instead he was boxing out a defender like he getting ready for a rebound need to be cut.

  7. They were obviously afraid to jump on top of the ball with the weird way it was spinning, what would end up happening if one of the Falcons players just booted the ball out of bounds?

  8. To make this idiocy even worse, Atlanta took a timeout right before he kicked it. You could see he wasn’t going to use a tee. What the heck did they say in the timeout??!!

  9. That someone didn’t lose their job for this is unbelievable. The Falcons need to clean house–and have for several years now.

  10. It wasn’t THAT unconventional. The special teams coach should be gone like yesterday and probably Quinn with him. Imagine had they lost because an individual (non-star) player made such a boneheaded play. That guy would have released Monday morning. But since it’s Quinn and his staff’s fault it’s just written off as “Unconventional play. We’ll try not to let it happen again.”

  11. This epic onsides kick failure falls right on the shoulders of the Special Teams Coach. Ben Kotwica. This is a huge coaching failure. It cost Atlanta a game that they should have easily won.

    Coaches always used to talk about “back to basics”. Good coaches review the rules on a regular basis, even if they think the team already knows the rules.

  12. “Guys that have played football all their lives don’t understand or know onside kick rules?”

    Even further, this was the Hands Team. It’s even worse that they didn’t know what to do. You’re literally there to field an onsides kick attempt. You always go and get the ball. The 10 yards is not pertinent to you; just get the ball….

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