Gary Kubiak knows he’s “got to do a lot better job”

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The Vikings stink.

That’s right. They stink. They stink on offense. They stink on defense. They’ve fallen to No. 28 on the PFT power rankings, and that feels too high.

The problems are simple, even if the solutions are anything but. Not having receiver Stefon Diggs hurts the offense, allowing defenses to key on Adam Thielen. Also, the defensive system badly needs competent cornerbacks. It currently doesn’t have nearly enough.

The offense continues to adjust to the departure of offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski, who has become the head coach of the Browns. Last season, it wasn’t clear whether the offense had more to do with Stefanski or Gary Kubiak. Now that Stefanski is gone and Kubiak is running the offense, it’s becoming more clear.

I’ve got to do a lot better job,” Kubiak told reporters on Thursday, via Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Kubiak also stated other obvious things: “We’ve got to find a way to stay on the field. . . . We’ve just got to play better collectively. . . . I’ve got to find some room for [Kirk Cousins]. . . . Other guys have to step up and make plays [when defenses take away Thielen].”

Kubiak is correct on all counts. But Randy Moss isn’t walking through the door. Neither are Randall McDaniel or Ron Yary.

Or Fran Tarkenton.

The biggest problem continues to be the inability of Cousins to extend the play when his first few reads are exhausted and the walls close in. He can’t run laterally or vertically (or diagonally) away from the pressure until something opens up once the play moves from scripted to improvisational. Instead, his best-case scenario becomes buying enough time to throw the ball away.

The worst-case scenario? A turnover or a sack in the end zone. The latter has happened in each of the first two games of the season.

It’s surely no coincidence that Diggs went public with a trade demand the same day Cousins got an extension. Dollar for dollar, Diggs was more value to the offense than Cousins. Without Diggs, it becomes much harder for Cousins to earn his money.

In turn, it will become much harder for Kubiak to do his job, and to keep it.

17 responses to “Gary Kubiak knows he’s “got to do a lot better job”

  1. Last year Cousins was awful the first two games as well. It wasn’t until week 5 in 2019 that he actually started to play well and look comfortable. He has only opened in week 1 with a good performance and that was in 2015 – only once in his career.

    Kirk is a notoriously slow starter but that’s no excuse. The best thing for the Vikings might be to win no games this season, clean house and rebuild quick.

    I’ll root for them every step of the way but they’ve looked completely inept on both sides of the ball.

  2. When you watch Cousins, do you think “wow this guy is a championship caliber QB”? He had one of the worst performances Ive ever seen last week.

  3. It’s only two games people. Come to these conclusions after six games. Way too soon……for any team.

  4. Diggs more valuable to the offense than Cousins? Seriously? A decent left tackle would be more valuable to the offense than Diggs. The offensive line sucks, so Cousins is struggling–just like 28 of the other starting QBs in the league would.

  5. stellarperformance says:
    September 24, 2020 at 1:57 pm

    It’s only two games people. Come to these conclusions after six games.


    I came to my conclusions on the Vikings during the offseason. These two games just confirmed them.

  6. All part of the master plan. 0-16 this year and Trevor Lawrence replaces Kirk Cousins down the road. Might redshirt Trevor a year or two which works perfectly into the contract and timeline.

  7. As the first-year OC I’d be more inclined to point at Kubiak as the source of the offense’s ills before I’d point at Cousins. Cousins has PROVEN he can get the job done in MIN (last season completing 69% with a 107 rating, going 10-5, taking the team to the playoffs, having a solid WC game and BEATING NO in the playoffs), so IMO that gives Cousins a certain level of immunity from blame. Kubiak is the new variable here, he’s the guy who needs to figure out what works and what doesn’t, and needs to do it in a hurry.

  8. Somewhere deep underground Brad Childress is still calling the plays and using a technology we haven’t discovered yet to take control of every OC we’ve had since his absence.

  9. If the V go 0 and 16, they better schedule a special playoff game with the Lions to see once and for all who the most hapless team in the history of the league is. #Skol, I guess

  10. The sad fact is this team is going to get better as the year goes on. They’re playing a lot of rookies that should improve as they get experience. Hunter is on IR but should come back sometime. Ngakoue is new to the team and will get better as he gets more comfortable. Cousins always has a few bad games but he’ll be good enough to win in most of them. This is the kind of team that can’t help but win six games even in a terrible season. I know it looks bad now, but dreams of Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields will not come true.

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