Review of MetLife field finds it meets NFL standards

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The 49ers aired complaints about the condition of the playing surface at MetLife Stadium after their Week Two victory over the Jets, which led the league to take another look at it ahead of the 49ers’ return visit to face the Giants this weekend.

An initial inspection of the field on September 12 found that it met the standards required for approval for play. This week’s inspection was held on Wednesday and it found the same thing.

According to multiple reports, representatives from the NFL, NFLPA, MetLife Stadium, the Giants and Jets, Field Turf and an independent field inspector took part in the review. The group found that it still meets the standards and protocols for NFL playing fields.

That means Sunday’s game will move forward as scheduled and that the 49ers will have to make decisions about whether to play injured players like tight end George Kittle on a surface that they felt wasn’t up to the task a few days ago.

20 responses to “Review of MetLife field finds it meets NFL standards

  1. Sure it meets the standards…

    What are the standards and are the realistic? When were they last updated? The game has changed a lot, have the standards kept up? And finally as i said the other day, a C- is still passing but is not very good.

  2. Based on the statement above there were 7 representatives inspecting the turf, five of which have a legally vested interest in determining it is acceptable (NFL, Giants, Jets, Met Life Stadium and Field Turf), one that is looking out for the players without fear of legal claims (NFLPA), and one that is independent (yeah, but hired by who –the NFL?). I really wonder how confident the players should be with those “un-biased” determinations.

  3. The Giants and Jets have to practice/play on this field over 20 times this year. You don’t think they would want it to be safe for their players? Yet no complaint from either team, nor was there any complaint from the Steelers, who played there week 1.

  4. Simple. Just sit anyone injured, win, and then they don’t have to play either of these teams on this trash field for another four years.

  5. kcsam76 says:
    September 24, 2020 at 12:50 pm

    They’re not called the 40’whiners for nothing.


    Yeah cause Niner rhymes with whiner, it’s an exceedingly clever insult.

  6. The outcome of the review would have been much different had it focused on the teams that declare this turf to be their own.

  7. We always hear about players changing cleats due to the field conditions. Were any changes made to their cleats while playing on the field? There were no issues reported the prior week during the game, why did the field suddenly become an issue?

  8. Which leads you to strength and conditioning, or a lack there of….

    That or it could be that Bosa’s knees are made of glass. I remember hearing something about that around draft time. Now he’ll have matching repairs so should even out.

  9. Since Barkley and Shepard were both injured in Chicago, clearly the turf there is bad and there can be literally no other explanation.

  10. “There were no issues when the Steelers played the Giants on MetLife turf Week 1.” WRONG. Steelers tackle Zach Banner TORE HIS ACL Week One. In 2 games on that new turf, we have 3 season-ending ACL tears, at least 2 knee sprains, and 2 ankle injuries.

  11. Saquon Barkley tore his ACL in the first half of the Bears game, on a routine play in which his leg did not contort in an extreme way, a week after playing 4 quarters on MetLife turf. Of course it is a possibility that his ligament was already weakened Week 1. Regardless, MetLife has had 7 knee/ankle injuries in 2 games. Knee/ankle injuries are correlated to artificial turf and even more correlated to “sticky” artificial turf. Or could be, those with lower body injuries from MetLife are weaklings who didn’t want it enough. Or it’s a coincidence and Trent Williams, Arik Armstead etc. are delusional and suffer hallucinations of the feet. I guess we’ll be able to tell pretty soon when we get more data from those who are lucky enough to play on MetLife in the coming weeks.

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